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Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood

Size: 146M
Release Date: 2020-03-13


Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood Review:

This game is a scary thriller-puzzle game for not kids but teenagers. It has some frightening jump scenes that are not suitable for kids. The game is only available for Android users yet. Gameplay This game has a story behind that a creepy joker in an icecream truck and kidnapped your friend, and now you with Mike go and rescue her. The trick is how you will do it all by not getting noticed by the creepy joker. Download the game from the app store and click on the icon to play. The fun begins now. You saw from your home how he kidnapped another friend. Now you go and hide in the truck, but the first, don't forget to capture mike's electric gun to kill joker later. There are different stops where you go and collect the clues that lead to your friend's freedom. The first stop is the shopping center and receives the thing. One by one, you go to different stops and collect items before reaching the circus where you will be freeing your friends. There will be more stops like metro, camping, etc. Visual Not the music, but the graphics are so scary, and it has a dark theme, so you always feel that someone is following you. What if the someone is that joker. The game looks professionals by clearly telling what to do next with the help of the graphics. This puzzle game is super interactive, and you have a clear idea of what to do next and how to do it is something you have to figure it out. There is no pixel distortion to experience in the game. In a nutshell, the experience of visual is excellent. Control Icecream 3 is an improved version, especially in control, as navigation is all controlled well. Roaming here and there is in your hands. Whenever you see the clue, you picked it up without any delay. Control is reasonable. That's why following this game is more comfortable and not glitch in the actions while playing the game unlike, games where you move around the target and unable to pick it at once. Final Verdict I hate the joker, that's why I love this game. This is the success of this game that the scary joker is so creepy that you start hating him and try to find your friend. I have introduced this game to my sisters, and believe me; it is a high time pass in lockdown. We play and watch all night how to get away from the joker. And when we fail at any level, we come back with another successful strategy. I like the theme and colors used in this game. The approach used in creation is perfect, and I love the adrenaline rush I get every time playing this game. If you are in horror movies, this game is a must but be careful don't play when you are alone ;)



This game is a scary thriller-puzzle game for not kids but teenagers. It has some frightening jump scenes that are not suitable for kids. The game is only available for Android users yet.

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Hiba Talat

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