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Slap Kings

Size: 73M
Release Date: 2020-02-25


Slap Kings Review:

Slap Kings is a hilarious time pass. The total game is to slap your opponent as hard as you can. Slap Kings is a relaxing game you ever played. Gameplay As you download this game it will take you to the ring directly where you just have to slap your opponent to be the best slapper. Turn by turn you are slapping your opponent, starting with you who has to slap the opponent and then it comes to the opponent’s turn. Each time you are a slapper, you’ll see a bar appear above your opponent head and your target is to stop a needle as close to the centre of the bar as you can. The player who has slapped harder will meet the new exciting challenger. You can health up and also power up but using coins. Simply health provides you more lifetime and power is a strength to slap the opponent. But don’t worry if you are low on coins, you can always watch ads and get a bump in health or power. Also, in case you want to become the king of slaps, you have to watch a video after you win. This will provide you five times more coins, hence means you will be always ahead of your opponents. The helmet and glove also appears to protect you. Helmet keeps you safe from opponent’s worst slap, but just for one slap. The gloves make your slap pretty stronger, but again it lasts for one single round. Visual As you can see in the first look this game is eyecatching because of its brighter and elegant color theme. Vibrant color scheme keeps the players indulged, even the eyeless watchers that are down the ring, become a source of fascination. The watcher gestures are smoothly implemented in this game, as they are cheering you and the opponent. You get all hyped up. I think that's the main purpose of this game. Due to its in-depth details of graphics, this game is addictive. You won’t find any glitch in the hand motion or the bar on the opponent’s head. The damage you caused and that is imposed on you is reflected in the character’s facial expressions in great fashion. Locations keep altering and characters are fairly unique and amusing. Controls Control is really handy. When you have to slap you just tap on the screen and control the amount of pressure of slap. As the game proceeds the pressure bar’s needle moves faster and even then the tapping is easy. Final Verdict I so far love this game because it’s not a funny and nice game but also a stress reliever. It’s a lot of effort not normally seen in a free game so I think it is well-pleasing. The concept neatly reflects in the game. My suggestion would be that add more options e.g. we can select our own players. Also, it would be so great for a music lover like me that we can select songs when the location changes. This keeps the morale up and high. Overall this game is eye candy and a good time pass.



I so far love this game because it’s not a funny and nice game but also a stress reliever. It’s a lot of effort not normally seen in a free game so I think it is well-pleasing. The concept neatly reflects in the game.

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Hiba Talat

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By Mateus R7

OI gostaria de jogar bastante é a minha primeira vez no jogo

By Henry

Slap kings

By Mary ann


By By Lara

omg u are the best lm impresd

By By Asmi

I can't play it online.It takes long time...

By aubrey

this is the worst thing ever!!!!! also some people may say that this is a game but it is not you know why because games are sposte to be fun and this is not fun!!!!!!!!

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This game is stupid. IT WONT FRICKIN LOAD!


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