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Baldi's Basics Classic

Size: 41M
Release Date: 2019-12-16


Baldi's Basics Classic Review:

The android market is full of amazing and crazy games, and the list is long. Developer, BasicallyGames, did a marvelous work by introducing a fantastic fun game: Baldi's Basics Classic. It's a super-addictive game, and it's been there in the market for around a year. The developer's made it available for free to both the Android and iPhone users; that's good news for all gamers. So, what's there in Baldi's Basics Classic making it an addictive game? Not only that, they've excellent stats in play store like over One Million Installs. Moreover, it's a light game taking only 41 MB of your phone memory. Of course, it's addictive, and that's what gamers from around the world commented and left positive reviews about the Baldi's Basics Classic game. Let's now review the game - Baldi's Basics Classic with regards to Gameplay, Visuals, and Controls. Gameplay Great! The game is now on your device, so let's play it! The interface is simple and works smoothly. It starts with an exciting story where you've to collect seven notebooks throughout the gameplay and escape from school. Well! Don't think that to be too easy, as it's a strategy game and you've to learn several moves. As you launch the game, you'll be standing in the middle of the school layout. It's time to start memorizing the school map at first and then find the notebooks. Open the doors one after the other, and begin collecting them, but remember the directions. Baldi's friends will help you in doing that, and that's something cool! In the storytelling mode of the game, collecting the notebooks will be the simple task assigned to you. It looks simple, but while you play in real-time, you'll find it challenging. The endless game mode is even more challenging. Once you start playing in this mode, you've to collect as many notebooks as you can by ensuring that Baldi never catches you. Furthermore, you'll find Baldi speeding up, but there's a way to break the speed. Solve the simple notebook problems which pop up on the screen. It's exciting and addictive too. Enter the school faculty room, jump rope, and collect exciting stuff lying inside the classroom. You can slow Baldi's speed by solving problems, and that’ll help you to find more notebooks. It is the key to success in this strategy game. Visual If we talk about the visuals, it's not super impressive, but they are beautiful and addictive. The storytelling part of the game plays a vital role in keeping you engaged. The school building map layout is simple but in a friendly 3D format. However, the developers designed it excellently and good enough to confuse you with which classroom to enter. Although the task of collecting only seven notebooks seems simple, they aren't as simple in reality. It is what makes Baldi's Basics Classic a thrilling game. Controls Of course, this game has simple commands to move in the directions, as pointed by the arrow. The doors open once you are near to it. Press the roller pointer button to move around, and the run button to speed up. If you're tired, the game automatically pauses you to rest and take energy.



Baldi's Basics Classic is a friendly and exciting fun game. It looks easy to play, but you need to concentrate and strategize to win. Of course, the game will test your patience. Visuals are good, but the background sound is what makes the game even more addictive. If you are not looking for a rapid action FPS game, but want some gaming fun, try playing. It’s worth it!

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