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Size: Varies with device
Release Date: 2016-11-10


Bowmasters Review:

Bowmasters is a brand new colorful action game with attractive gameplay created by everyone's favorite and famous Miniclip. This game can most likely be attributed to a shooter, the gameplay mechanics of which are somewhat similar to Angry Birds. Your main task is to choose one of the 30 characters available in the game and eliminate all life on the screen using 31 types of weapons. Also, in the game, there is a dual-mode in which you can fight one on one. Target and shoot! Be the most accurate, fight with friends in multiplayer on one device and amaze everyone with your skill! In your arsenal, there are already three dozen unique characters, more than 30 types of weapons, epic arenas, and real hardcore action, which is built around realistic design. Gameplay Tap on screen and swipe in the opposite direction, then select your character or pick up your favorite weapon. Simple, easy to play; this does not mean everything will be easy. You must determine the exact point to shoot correctly. You are targeting your opponent, they will also be targeting you, if you lose the chance, and they will finish you. The headshot does a lot of damage. Bowmaster does not have a storyline if you don't care. No one knows why the characters in the game need to kill one another. Your task is only to defeat all enemies. I think if the game has a short history, maybe it would be more enjoyable. When you play Bowmasters, you usually have a painful and bloody ending. This game is very entertaining. Each game only lasts 1 or 2 minutes, so it doesn't take long. Unlock heroes, new weapons In the game, players will unlock different heroes one by one with the coins they get through the game. Some special heroes require that you pay real money to open it. Each character will have a different weapon. They are typical as well as have their features. Understanding and controlling weapons will help you quickly master the game. There are several weapons, such as spears, arrows, and flags that work in a fundamental way. They only deal damage to enemies. Their week point is that it requires the player to have an ideal shot. The incorrect action will not cause damage to the opponent. Control In Bowmasters, your job is to shoot or throw weapons at your opponent. It would help if you calculated the shooting angle to improve the shooting accuracy. If you miss the first shot, don't worry. Usually, the chances of success in the first hit are meager. The first shot has an essential effect on adjusting the angle and power of the ball for the next shot. If you haven't mastered the gameplay, using the same power in all turns and just adjusting the angle of the shooting will make things easier. Visual The graphics of Bowmasters are quite bright and colorful. When you shoot an enemy, they not only get hurt, you can even see the bones. If you are an adult, this is normal and fun, but it won't work for children, also though this game is suitable for all ages. Get Fun from 2d graphics and script drawings. It gives you lots of coins every day. You can buy a paid version of the game for a better experience. This game is also free, but there are lots of items and characters that you can buy with cash.



A brand new version of the world-famous game with bowmen.

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