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Brawl Stars

Size: 130M
Release Date: 2018-12-12


Brawl Stars Review:

From the creative minds behind Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and Clash of Clans comes the next game to grace Developer Supercell's impressive repertoire. Available on both Android and iOS, Brawl Stars brings the ever-popular battle-royale formula to the mobile platform. With that in mind, how does Brawl Stars shape up when pitted against its current contemporaries? Read on for full details. Here's is all the need-to-know intel about the game. Gameplay As it stands, Brawl Stars has amassed a total of one hundred million-plus downloads since launch. Partly due to the developer's credible track record. But also, because of its free-to-play price tag. Even so, you can't get by solely on those factors alone. Thankfully, Brawl Stars offers a robust and rocksteady experience for handheld gamers, especially in terms of gameplay. At its core, and spoken of in its purest form, Brawl Stars is a fast and frantic multiplayer battle-type brawler. But it's all also cram-packed with an extensive array of features and game modes. As well as the ability to sharpen skill sets locally via offline battles, the player can team up with and compete against players from across the globe. Typically, these online encounters take the form of 3V3 battles. An area in which most of the fun materializes. Primarily, because of the wholesome host of match-making scenarios on offer. These range from creative Bounty-based concepts to High-stakes heist events. On top of that, Brawl Star's chaotic Gem Grab Mode requires the use of collaborative strategy and tactical team play to overcome the odds and immerge the victor. There's also Showdown mode. Brawl Star's version of the insanely popular battle-royale model. For the most part, it's a sturdy take on the survival genre, as you collect power-ups in the hopes of becoming the best brawler standing. Of course, that feeling of fun gets heightened twofold when buddying up with a friend. But equally, it's nice to have the option to fly solo, if you wish. Visuals From a visual viewpoint, Brawl Stars is a breath of fresh air. Not least so, because of its bold art style, but also its vividly bright color scheme. Both of which promote a fun and friendly aesthetic that perfectly complements the adrenaline-fueled action playing out on screen. Additionally, the quirky character sprites are instantly charming while being original enough to stand out. Another vital element is the quality of visuals. Most notably, concerning aspects of graphical fidelity. By that, I mean, the textures on-screen are slick and polished off with a glossy finish. In turn, all the enveloping environments and objects within shine out with a satisfying sheen. In short, it's all too easy on the eyes. As a result, Brawl Stars cooks up plenty of eye candy. In truth, the game is very gratifying to gaze on, whether playing with or without a friend. Controls Next up, with have the controls. As you know, a game's configuration can make or break an experience. Oversimplify things, and a sense of challenge is lost. On the other hand, make the control style complex, and you risk isolating casual gamers. So, where does the battle sim Brawl stars sit in terms of controls?  Well, overall, its good news. The control scheme, albeit, relatively primitive on the surface, is very accessible. Thus, allowing it to cater to pros. But also, casual gamers alike—both in the aspect of movement and the use of super abilities. In turn, this makes the on-screen action seamless. Better still, attacks are made with the use of one-to-two button combinations max, adding a natural fluidity to the gameplay. Overall, it's all too easy to gain a grasp of the control scheme. Over time, this allows for total mastery of the game. Great stuff. Another aspect worthy of note is the simplified UI, which helps streamline the overall experience. Again, it's a minor thing. But there's nothing worse than a cluttered screen filled with unnecessary icons and tabs. Both of which can at times plague a player's concentration.



Just like other games stockpiling the dev Supercells rich canon, Brawl Stars graces the mobile platform in emphatic style. Sure, it may not be the best battle-royale game on the mobile market. Even so, as a free-to-play game, it is well worth a trial. Even more so, for long-time fans of the genre. With that in mind, why not give it a go today.

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Alexander Noel

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