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Candy Crush Friends Saga

Size: Varies with device
Release Date: 2018-10-10


Candy Crush Friends Saga Review:

The Candy Crush Friends Saga game honest review Hello, Friends! How’s your smartphone gaming journey? We’re sure that you must be rocking, huh! Cool! So, you’re excited to know the good news, correct? Humm! Indeed, we’re also thrilled to share that Candy Crush Friends Saga is back in action. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly, the developer King is back with another exciting game; this time, it’s the Candy Crush Saga, where you’ll be playing along with your friends. Wow! It’s thrilling, isn’t it so? Yes, it is, and we don’t doubt it! Indeed, you should be thrilled to play it along with us; what do you say? Cool! We will be doing that, but before let’s get a technical overview of this thrilling game. Why it’s compelling? We’ll come to know in a while. So have patience, haha! Well, it’s an editor’s choice game with over one and half million positive reviews; Wow! That’s an incredibly high number, Ahaha! Also, you’ll be happy to know that over fifty million player plays it globally. How? You can take a look at the massive number of app installs to date. Indeed, one of the main reasons behind its success is the app-updates that’d happened regularly. The latest release was on the 21st of this month. Great! We’ve learned a lot about this saga game; now, it’s time to play and then reviews it alike! We are ready, are you? Let’s begin then, hah! Gameplay Review When we talk about the saga game series, you’ll start thinking about match-making puzzles games, correct? Humm, it’s indeed what we think alike. But, there’s a small difference when we’re talking about the Candy Crush Friends Saga game; why? Well, it’s power-packed with an exciting story that you’ll enjoy playing; we’ve enjoyed it too, Ahaha! In this game, you’re playing the role of a Hero. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly, and you’re on a mission; Wow! That’s thrilling, huh! So, what you’ve to do? It looks like an arcade-puzzle game. Hey, that’s correct, and unless you start playing, you’ll feel the same. But, the moment you’ll play it for a while, you’ll start enjoying the unlimited gameplay thrill. Thus, as a hero, you’ve to find your friends who’re lost somewhere inside the Candy Kingdom. Hey, don’t worry! It’s a challenging task, but you can do it, and we know that! Indeed, you’ve to blast all the candy levels, and that’s over hundreds in number. You’ll enjoy the gameplay, as you’ll realize, and start using the powers that you’ve. Hey, hold on tight for a while! Your friends have also got unique capabilities, and they’ll help you create nice candy combinations, haha! Well, what happens when you match candies? Bingo! Yea, you’ll be unlocking rewards, exciting rewards, huh, and we bet that! Thus, there’s a lot of sweet collaboration to happen, and you’ll find your friends waiting for it. So, you’ve to keep collecting candies and be the most powerful hero on the gaming board; we know you can do it, correct? So, keep on collecting your favorite flavors like Jam, chocolate, or cookies and enjoy the gameplay. It’s addictive and incredibly fun, we bet that! Graphics Review Wow! That’s how we’ll share our reaction while talking about the gaming graphics. It’s cute, friendly, and clean. Indeed, you can see all characters. That makes the gameplay exciting and full of fun! Thus, without thinking twice, it’s a thumbs up from our side! Sounds Review Candy Crush Friends Saga is fun to play. Indeed, it’s one of those intuitive candy puzzles that’ll keep you engaged for hours with the gameplay. Of course, the background gaming sound plays a significant part, and we don’t doubt. Thus, again we’ll give it full marks from our side. Controls Review Well, another good news is about the gaming controls, and it’s super-simple. Indeed, you don’t have to do any training to learn it. It’s the classic drag-and-drop style, but you’ll enjoy doing it, Vola! Replay Value It’s one of the finest games in the smartphone puzzle-gaming genre that we’ve played after a long time. We’d enjoyed the real gaming action, levels, moves, characters, and story; it’s addictive and fun. Thus, we vote it with full points as an exciting game with outstanding replay value. In Conclusion The only word we’ve to say about Candy Crush Friends Saga is that you’ve to play it and enjoy the thrill. It’s one of the best time-pass and challenging smartphone games. The good news is, it’s free to download! So, hurry up! Don’t miss out on the fun, huh!



The only word we’ve to say about Candy Crush Friends Saga is that you’ve to play it and enjoy the thrill. It’s one of the best time-pass and challenging smartphone games. The good news is, it’s free to download!

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