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Cookie Run: Kingdom - Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG

Size: 102M
Release Date: 2021-01-19


Cookie Run: Kingdom - Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG Review:

Howdy Gamers! What’s your gaming passion for today? Humm, you’re still searching to play an exciting game, correct? Wow! That’s cool! Well, you’ll be excited to know that we’ve got exciting news then and what’s that? It’s about a new RPG game, and you can play it on your mobile. Yes! You’ve heard it correctly! Today on our gaming list, we’ve got the Cookie Run Kingdom Builder and Battle RPG Game. That’s super-exciting, huh! Of course, we’ll play it together and write the Cookie Run Kingdom Builder and Battle RPG Game Honest Review. Indeed, we will start reviewing all the gaming aspects like the display, sound, and controls alike. But, before that, let’s explore other gaming aspects. Is this a fantastic game? Humm, it’s a good question; let’s find it out! Well, it’s a role-playing game. Indeed, it’s one of the most successful creations from the developer Devsisters Corporation. There’s no doubt about the gaming popularity; how? Hey, you can find over five hundred thousand positive reviews and over five million installs. Those are astounding numbers! Also, it’s a hot-spot game and is topping the trending mobile gaming list. Furthermore, you’ll find the latest gaming updates alike. But, you’ve to make sure to keep at least 100 MB of gaming space. That’s not a big ask! Since it’s a role-playing game, you’ve got the supreme power to build your kingdom from scratch. Well, then what’s unique in the gameplay? Hey, it’s the Cookie Kingdom. Isn’t that interesting? Of course, it is, and let’s dive deeper with our gameplay review. Gameplay Review You’ve played tons of fun games on your mobile or gaming console. But you’ll feel the difference with the Cookie Run Kingdom Builder and Battle RPG gameplay, we bet! Why? Well, as you begin the gameplay, you’ll realize that you’re playing for a large gaming mission. What’s that? It’s to build a dream cookie kingdom that is under threat. Yes, there’re dessert monsters, the deadly evils. They’d gained complete control of this beautiful kingdom. Can you reclaim it back from them? Of course, you can! Hey, don’t worry! You’re not alone in this incredible fight. You can team up with friends from around the world. Yes, and together you can play endless guild battles. But, you’ve to play smart as there’ll be new rivals and potent enemies. So, while you continue with the gameplay, don’t forget to collect soul stones, guild treasures, and other exciting rewards. There’s no doubt that it’s a heroic RPG gaming story, and you’ll fall in love with it, we bet! You’ll enjoy your new friends like Ginger brave and others. Hey, they are cookie friends. So, you can stay in the fantasy world and participate in one of the exciting fantasy adventures. Graphics Review It’s an excellent game with a stunning gaming design. The town, buildings, and other gaming characters come alive during the gameplay. It’s for the high-quality graphics, and we give full marks to it. Sound Review We enjoyed playing Cookie Run Kingdom Builder for hours. It’s for the addictive gaming sound. Indeed, it’ll grab your attention, and you can play the game non-stop for hours. Control Review One of the beautiful aspects of this game is the simple gaming controls. Although it’s a fast-paced action game, you can manage and play it easily with on-screen gaming controls. Replay Value If you’ve got a mobile device with a large screen, you’ll feel like you’re playing on a gaming console. Indeed, it’s for the powerful animation. Also, Cookie Run Kingdom Builder comes with a super-addictive story. That’s enough to attract gamers for repetitive gaming sessions. We give full credits for the replay value.



Cookie Run Kingdom Builder is a brilliant game. It’s built nicely with stunning animations, sound, and a great story. Indeed, it’s one of the very few PVP RPG games that comes loaded with so many features. So, gamers, hurry up and download Cookie Run Kingdom Builder for free!

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