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Size: 9.2M
Release Date: 2019-09-19


Ducklings Review:

Hello, gamers! By now, you must’ve played a wide variety of free and paid games alike, correct? Humm, the answer is, of course, yes! Are you getting bored playing them and want to try out something new? If that’s the case, then there’s a cute game waiting for you to explore, and that’s Ducklings. It’s a free game, and you’ll find it listed in the play and iOS store; it’s trending too! What’s new in this mobile game for which it’s trending around? Let’s find out. Well, imagine if you’re a duck sailing around in a pond. How will you feel then? That’s the theme of this cute game, Ducklings. Also, it’s not only sailing around. You’re on a big mission, and what’s that? Hold on! We’ll play the game and explore the thrill ourselves and then give our final opinion. But, before we do that, let’s explore its technical aspects; after all, it’s Pelican Party Studio’s flagship game. This family-friendly game, Ducklings, is doing well to retain its ranking in the play store. Indeed, until now, there are over a hundred thousand installs, an encouraging number too! The developer did incredibly well to keep its size compact; yes, it’s less than 10 MB in size and loads up lightning fast. Cool! Let’s play the game and enjoy the thrill! Gameplay So, what are you expecting from a game where your character is of a duck? Indeed, its fun to think and it’s more enjoyable when you’ll start playing; we can bet on that! As you open the game on your mobile devices, it loads up incredibly fast. It begins with a beautiful environment, and that’s of a pond. You’ll see yourself out there; yes, you’re the white color duck. On the home screen, you’ll find the instruction menu with essential pieces of information. Please don’t skip it as it prompts the gaming instructions. In this game, you’re a duck, and you’ve to swim around in search of cute ducklings. They’re lost somewhere far, and you’ve to bring them back safely to their house. You’ll find an arrow pointer indicating the direction of your nest; there’re many nests but all of those not yours. As you’ll swim around the little ducklings, you’ll find them following you in a queue. Indeed, they’ll move towards the direction of your swim. But, you’ve to be careful of the obstacles, and reckless boats; they’ll run over and kill you. Thus, you’ve to make sure to swim safely and fast to bring the ducklings back to your nest. As you collect more ducklings, you’ll get a bigger nest, new gaming environments and unlock new challenges. That’s how the game progresses; it’s incredibly addictive, huh! Visuals It’s a beautiful game and immensely addictive for the simple storyline, visuals, and sounds. The developers never promised something overwhelming. Indeed, what they said, Ducklings delivers and stands up to the expectations of gamers. We’ll give it a thumbs up! Controls You’ll enjoy the simple direction-arrow control. You’ve to point the arrow in the right direction, and the duck will swim accordingly; its fun! Final Verdict Finally, after playing it for over a couple of hours, we’re overwhelmed with this cute and simple game. It’s relaxing and full of fun! Thus, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it now and play. You’ll enjoy it! Then, let’s play and quack together, haha!



Finally, after playing it for over a couple of hours, we’re overwhelmed with this cute and simple game. It’s relaxing and full of fun! Thus, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it now and play. You’ll enjoy it!

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