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Dude Theft Wars: Open world Sandbox Simulator BETA

Size: 168M
Release Date: 2018-03-08


Dude Theft Wars: Open world Sandbox Simulator BETA Review:

Hey Dude! How are you doing today? We know you’re doing excellent! That’s happy news. Cool! Then, what was the last game that you’d played on your mobile phone? Humm! You’re playing a lot of online games; we know it. Now, it’s time that you jump back into the world of exciting mobile gaming! But why? Humm, it’s a good question, and we’re ready to answer it! It’s the Dude Theft Wars, the new game that you can play on your smartphone. That’s exciting! Hey! Is it a street-fight game? Or an arcade-style game with dull characters and images? Don’t worry! Over here, we’ll write about the Dude Theft Wars game honest review before you download it. But, how’s the gameplay, and what about the gaming story? Does this game have any replay value? That’s a lot of questions and let’s play it together to answer them. What do you say, huh? It’s a GTA-styled open-world sandbox game that you can play seamlessly on your smartphone. We’ll dive deeper with our game review but before, let’s find out some of the game’s technical features. It’s exciting to see that over five hundred thousand happy gamers ranked this game positively. Additionally, it’s downloaded and installed by more than five million players globally. These are incredible statistics, correct? Also, it’s a lightweight game, and it’ll fit in within less than 200MB space. Cool! That’s enough of the introductory description. Now, it’s gameplay time and let’s go for it! We’ll play along and review its graphics, sound, and other gaming features. Is it addictive? Let’s see! Gameplay Review Congratulations! You’ve taken an excellent step that you’ve downloaded the Dude Theft Wars. Why? Hey, that’s what we’ll find out with the gameplay and review it. Are you excited? Yes! Then let’s roll our fingers on the mobile screen and hold the controls tight. So, what do you see now? Wow! It’s a lovely sunny morning. There are happy people all around the beautiful city. You can see cars, people and other objects around this beautiful city. Also, you can spot people dancing in the park in open greenery. Indeed, these are fascinating sights! Don’t forget, you’re playing a simulator game, and something interesting will happen soon! So, the gameplay takes a new turn, and that’s the twist in the story. You’re Jack, and you’re living a life full of fun in this simulation world. You’re free to drive cars and marvel around. But will the opponents let it happen? No! They’re cruel and incredibly dangerous. Thus, you can see people shooting at each other. They’re dying on the streets. Once the guy dancing on the music beats now lying down on the grass. Hey, you’ll have multiple weapons to play this game. Indeed, you can choose them from shotguns to rifles. It depends on your gaming requirement. The Dude theft gaming war is on, and it’s an endless shooting GTA game. But, in style, huh! We enjoyed it playing for a long gaming session; break-free! Graphics Review It’s one of the finest smartphone games. Of course, you’ll love the sharp graphics of the objects and surrounding environment. That’s addictive! You can take your eyes off the gaming screen; we bet! Sound Review Wow! We started dancing on the musical beats as we began with the gameplay. Indeed, throughout the game, you’ll enjoy the excellent gaming background sound. It’s intuitive! Controls Review We enjoyed our gaming session as it has got basic gaming controls. It’s easy to play, and you can enjoy all gaming action seamlessly. Replay Value It’s one of those engaging smartphone games that come with high replay value. Indeed, it’s an addictive game, and gamers will enjoy playing it for repetitive gaming sessions; we bet!



The Dude Theft Wars game has got tons of exciting gaming features. It’s packed with loads of gaming tools that you need for a perfect multiplayer FPS game. You’ll earn points, unlock new characters and weapons as you continue playing. Hey! Fun and action are waiting for you. So, don’t delay downloading and enjoy gaming!

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