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Egg, Inc.

Size: 65M
Release Date: 2016-07-13


Egg, Inc. Review:

Hi, Gamers! Did anyone ever ask you who came first, the Egg or Chicken? We know the answer, haha! But, the question is, why are we asking it? It’s for a simple reason, and what’s that? Hey, we’ve got a match at hand, and it’s the Egg Inc Android Game. Indeed, it’s one of the finest of all the casual games that we’ve ever played. It’s not only an exciting game but comes with an innovative story. That’s why we’re writing the Egg Inc Android Game Honest Review. Hey, don’t worry! We’ll play along and then focus on every gaming aspect. Cool! But, before we begin our epic gaming journey, let’s explore some other gaming aspects. Well, it’s a simulation game that’s bagged over a million positive reviews so far. Also, it’s an editor’s choice game. Indeed, over ten million gamers are playing it worldwide. Wow! It’s a significant number, huh! Furthermore, it’s a lightweight game and occupies less than 100MB of your phone’s memory. What else? Well, for a smooth gameplay experience, update your device to the latest android version. Then, get ready to play an innovative simulation game. Let’s begin then! Gameplay Review Welcome players! Now, you’re going to create history in a while! How? That’s what you’re thinking, correct? Hey, that’s the power of this incredible gaming story. In this game, you’re about to unlock some universal secrets. Wow! That’s interesting. What’s more interesting is, you’re going to develop something on your own and create history! It’s all about the chicken egg and the stunning gaming story. So, you’re a task to build an innovative firm house. The entire idea is to hatch as many chickens as you can at a faster pace. What’s the fun then? Is that what you’re thinking? Hey, there’s a lot in this game. It begins from building hen houses, drivers, hives, and even launching spaceships, haha! But everything in the simulation world of gaming. Your ultimate gaming objective is to build the world’s most innovative egg firm. Thus, you’ve to continue playing, but play fast! Hey, you’ve to hurry up as there are tons of cool and exciting things waiting for you. You’re free to play with your cute friends throughout the game. You know who they are, correct? Yes, they’re the little hens, haha! But, make sure that you’re choosing the suitable investment and utilizing resources efficiently. That’s how you can continue running the farm smoothly. We know you can do it! Graphics Review It’s a superb game in terms of gaming graphics. Indeed, you’ll enjoy the nice 3D character graphics. The developer team did their best to put life in the gaming graphics. We give them total points! Sound Review You can listen to the lovely and funny noises throughout the gameplay. Thus, it’ll give you an ideal feeling that you’re inside a firm. Control Review It’s an excellent game with easy gaming controls at hand. Indeed, you’ve to keep your hands busy throughout the gaming session. Replay Value Of course, it’s a game for gamers to come and enjoy gameplay multiple times. There are enough addictive elements that’ll keep them engaged with the game, we bet!



It’s an excellent simulation game that kept us engaged for prolonged gaming sessions. We liked the story and enjoyed playing it for hours. Also, it’s free, so why are you waiting to download it, huh? There’s tons of excitement waiting for you, and we bet!

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