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Goat Simulator

Size: 16M
Release Date: 2014-09-16


Goat Simulator Review:

Gameplay Goat Simulator is a unique simulator game for Android, which stands out among competitors not only in high-quality graphics but also in crazy gameplay. The user will use the skin of a goat, which tries to survive in the world of people. The game becomes very popular after the release for personal computers and now continues to win the hearts of gamers on mobile platforms. In this game, you play as the role of a real goat. What are healthy animals doing? They grazing grass, lie in the sun, and does not touch anyone. But this does not apply to this goat at all. He was tired of quietly living within his pen. While the rest of the pets are peacefully Grazing grass on the lawn, this goat will break the peace and will destroy everything that it sees in its path. The main character is very different from the rest of the people of the game world, and therefore life does not seem simple and fun to him. But nature provides him with an extremely long and sticky tongue, which in itself is a good advantage. The user should control the goat and in all possible and impossible ways to harass local people, destroying the infrastructure of the town. In Goat Simulator for attacks on people and all kinds of harm to the environment, the main character is well rewarded with in-game currency. By using this money, you can purchase various upgrades, including the outfits of famous superheroes and other features. Graphics The graphics in the game are pretty good, and a bit like GTA III. Here is the same big game world where there are almost no borders; the vast open-world is made very carefully, and it's interesting to go for a walk. This is an exciting game with a kind of fun, which is suitable to pass the time. If you like only dangerous puzzles or survival simulators, then you are unlikely to like it, but the rest should download Goat Simulator on Android. Control All actions in the game Goat Simulator are performed using the mouse. By clicking on its right button, move the cursor to the item you need (for example, a watering can with water, scissors, a brush, or any of the animals) and click on it to "take". Having taken it, move it to the desired part of the screen: on a field with grass, a flowerbed or the back of an animal - then the action will be realized by itself. But, there are a couple of nuances. First, only one item can be "pick" at a time. Secondly, until you return it to its place, you cannot use another one. For example, if you brush the skin of a goat, and you need water, just put the brush aside and take a watering can. Only returning the brush to the "place", you can activate the cursor with something else.



Goat simulator is claimed to be the best action game. Overall, this is a very funny time killer, which has a lot of advantages. You should try this fantastic game at once.

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