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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Release Date: 2013-12-19


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a crime-themed game published by Rockstar Games. One of the best-selling games in Grand Theft Auto. It has achieved excellent results in commercial operations, but it has also been controversial. Many content plots in the game have also been rejected by people. But in any case, we must admit that it is a classic masterpiece, now let us walk into this crazy and wonderful virtual world! Gameplay The game content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is rich. The three major cities in the game are Los Santos, San Feiro and Las Yunzuhua. Players can freely shuttle between the three cities, accept tasks, and make friends, because the game restores everything in real life. The AI ​​of NPCs in the game is generally not high. The civilians ran away, and fled when they encountered gunfire. The civilian staff on duty will have their jobs. There are common natural phenomena such as day and night in the game, which change every day. The game includes many tasks about the protagonist, as well as optional side tasks, which increase the playability and freedom of the game. The protagonist needs to go to the mission point to trigger the mission, and there is only one way to complete the mission. The main task of the game takes about one hundred hours to complete. Side missions are the basic element of free games. Players can develop according to their own preferences. There is no connection between the side missions. In this game, the combat system belongs to the mission mechanism. You can fight during missions or when there are no missions. Everyone has the same health value. When a bullet fired by a weapon hits an enemy, it will cause damage to the enemy. Control The game operation is the most significant change in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. From the outside, it looks pleasant and simple. But not always; this operating system is quite complicated. The operating system of this work combines essential virtual operations and gesture operations. Sound effects Music and sound effects have always been the strengths of the Grand Theft Auto series. This work is no exception. The radio station is still full of vitality. The music style is still changeable and exciting. You can always find a style that suits the players. Sports games such as EA's FIFA also use this setting, which is very considerate. But in this regard, it seems that only the PC version has more advantages. In summary Players who like GTA, please enjoy the rampage on the streets of California! In this free country, free yourself! This is a mobile game that is very worth playing. Players interested in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas can give it a try.



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