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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Release Date: 2012-12-06


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review:

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a street action game. It combines action, role-playing with the main character to perform the specific missions. Besides, you can also experience racing and shooting battles, so a new feeling for players. In 2006, GTA Vice City had honored to be in the top 100 most popular video games. And top favorite games on the Play Station game platform. Gameplay Grand theft auto Vice City is a game based on real-world simulation, attractive to players. With a variety of gameplay to bring you many exciting experiences. The gameplay of GTA Vice City revolves around the journey of Tommy Vercetti. The game has inspired by the United States of the 80s. The context has given players a brainstorming battle with thrilling action sequences. Grand Theft Auto Vice City offers you a 3rd-party perspective. It creates the feeling that players are also participating in the war and involved in the story. Along with that, the game has a series of missions. With each successful mission, the player unlocks part of the plot with valuable items. in-game cars to have the ultimate experience as a tycoon. Besides, people Players can also perform side tasks to collect more money. Graphics The graphics are clear and genuine, showing the beautiful character image. Moreover, it has vivid 2D Graphics with plain colors. It attracts your eyes with the flexible lines of the character. The game gives you an open stance as you live in the game. Smooth transitions bring you designs based on real-life scenes from Miami, Florida. Day and night effect, the rain falling gives you the feeling of the actual world outside. The game gives you vivid character creation from the main character to supporting. Character walking, standing, jumping, sitting like real life outside. Besides, you can also change the costume for the character to renew your character's image. There are a total of 114 vehicles in the game. It includes non-controllable and remote control vehicles. You can also control helicopters to move. Control The controls are different if you prefer to drive the hero on foot. And then decide to Drive around in expensive supercars. But it does not take much time to get used to and is quite responsive. If Tommy walks on foot, then a virtual stick handles movement. You can move Tommy in any direction. During the ride, the circle will remove, but there are two buttons, "left-right." And for acceleration, you will have to operate with the drawn combination "gas-brake." On the tablet, the interface buttons responsible for controlling little obstruct the view. It is great. With telephones, of course, it will not be so picturesque but quite bearable. The main thing is that your mobile has a bigger screen. Conclusion The operations in GTA Vice City are so simple and easy to remember. For me, GTA Vice City is one of the top action, strategy, and role-playing games. With a large number of users and loyal fans.



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8/10 and its soy cool but police in gta is too powerfull soy i rate it

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Hi friends my name francrim my first day grand Theft auto please one game😭😭

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best game i have ever played

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