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Hill Climb Racing

Size: 67M
Release Date: 2012-09-22


Hill Climb Racing Review:

Hey, Gamers! Are you ready to take an acrobatic driving challenge? Great! Hill Climb Racing is then the ideal game where you should try out your hands. It’s an addictive game available for free download right on your Android and IOS devices. Hill Climb Racing already bagged around one million reviews, as you can see in the Play Store. Of course, it’s an immensely popular game for both Android and Apple users, with over 50 million installs from Play Store. For Apple users, it’s free to download across all Apple devices - iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Developer Fingersoft claims this to be the first physics-based driving game that they’ve ever launched. Undoubtedly, it’s an addictive game with levels, missions, and fresh graphics, but, of course, it’ll test your gaming patience! Let’s dive in and analyze Hill Climb Racing with regards to Gameplay, Visuals, and Controls. Gameplay Hill Climb Racing is a light game and doesn’t take much of your phone memory. It’s only 74MB for Android users, while for Apple users, it’s 144.8 MB, which is a decent size. Developer Fingersoft did excellent work to keep the gaming interface high for both the platforms. They’re also updating and releasing the latest versions of the game on Android and iOS platforms alike. You’ve to help the aspiring racer Newton Bill, to climb an uphill track by going against gravity and race along. You’ve to drive unique hill climbing environments, and it’s challenging. The objective is to overcome all challenges and drive uphill to conquer the highest hills. You’ve to collect coins that’ll help you to upgrade your car, but make sure to apply daring tricks; don’t take it easy! By collecting coins while you drive, you gain bonuses, and it’s a vital gaming aspect. You’re not driving on a smooth racing track, instead, climbing hills; Of course, that goes against the law of gravity, and this makes the gameplay challenging and exciting. You get automatic level challenges as you progress, but, if the driver, Bill falls upside down, you lose. You can’t drive too slow either as the fuel runs out fast in that case. As the gameplay begins, the unlocked vehicle that you’ve is the Jeep. However, you’ve Motocross bike, Monster truck, and Race Car that you’ve to unlock by collecting coins and progressing levels. In total, there’re over 29 vehicles and over 28 driving stages to unlock as you progress. Furthermore, use the coins to upgrade the tires, engine, and suspension of your vehicle and make it robust. The adventure mode allows you offline gameplay, which is another cool feature. Visuals The visuals are nice and clean, and there’s no time lag in loading. It runs smoothly across all devices. It’s a 2D graphics game, so don’t expect something overwhelming. However, during the gameplay, you’ll get exposed to various racing locations like the desert, ice, cave, highway, and even countryside. They look great as the graphics are nice and clean; it’s more than what you expect from a 2D game, and the developers did a great job there! Controls Hill Climb Racing is an easy-to-play game with basic controls like a brake and accelerator or gas button perfectly placed on both corners of the screen. So, there’s not much about the controls, but keep practicing as you’ve to balance and drive; can’t drive too fast or slow.



Although Hill Climb Racing is not a graphics-intensive game, it comes with several fresh and addictive features. It runs smoothly across all devices and gives you a real racing experience. It’s fast-paced gameplay, and you don’t need a smartphone with a fast processor to play it. So, download it from the play store or App store and get a hands-on gameplay experience. It’s indeed an entertaining driving game, and you’ll enjoy the gameplay, we bet!

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