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Hungry Shark Evolution

Size: 90M
Release Date: 2013-02-22


Hungry Shark Evolution Review:

Hungry Shark Evolution is a fun game on AppStore. Players navigate their deadly Shark through a big ocean and eat everything in their path to stay healthy. This game is strictly for teenagers i.e., 12+ age due to its cartoon violence. This game is available on both OS i.e., Android and IOS. Gameplay This game is a simple game of survival. This game is ‘‘All you can eat buffet” for your Shark, but be prepared, some deadly creature could also eat you. In which your Shark go around the underworld of water and eat whatever comes to survive and earn points. The gameplay is simple but fun is not. You have to make sure not to starve your Shark. Otherwise, it will die, or some other big fish will eat it. Water has a lot of fishes, crabs, scuba divers, and some treats for you too. The ocean does not have only consist of prey for your Shark but also full of the predator, who can eat it up. You should be careful of mines, an evil seal that can bite you or even other small creatures who can make you sick. The trick is to be precautious of what you are consuming for being the most significant predator and stay away from the nasty creatures who could eat you or make you sick. Time to time, you will get messages like that your Shark is starving that time eat up as fast as possible to get your health back. But in case you don’t survive, you can replay by either watching the video or paying by your jewels. Visual Ubisoft has done a fantastic job with the graphics; you imagine the SeaWorld is vast, and with so many creatures i.e., predator and preys, they created every beast to give a real underworld touch. The color theme is blue to keep it match with the gameplay. Every detail is precise e.g., scuba divers, tortoise motions, jellyfishes, crabs, and many more. Graphics are correctly aligned, and there is no distortion in any pixel as you move further in the game. Control Controls matter a lot in these games, as you have to move around the ocean, and any little bug could ruin this whole game for you. But the Shark has a perfect hold on the motion. For example, when you move forward, up or down. The Shark can move backward as soon as you move it in that direction so you can run away from predators and save yourself. Final Verdict Hungry Shark is a good time pass, especially for a person who loves underwater games. Of course, the kids cannot play this, but for me, it is worth time spending. The colors are beautiful while playing. The best game ever for me and I love it. But one suggestion would be to lower the prices of jewels and coins as it is hard to earn them or made it easier to get those jewels and coins.



Hungry Shark is a good time pass, especially for a person who loves underwater games. Of course, the kids cannot play this, but for me, it is worth time spending. The colors are beautiful while playing.

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Hiba Talat

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