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Hunter Assassin

Size: 38M
Release Date: 2019-10-09


Hunter Assassin Review:

Hunter Assassin is one of the wonderful games developed by Ruby Games Studio. This game is a really impressive one. This game is about killing enemies with a knife. This game is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. Here we will share complete information with you about Hunter Assassin. Gameplay After the release of Hunter Assassin, more than 500 million people install this game. This only happens due to the credibility of developers and the simplicity of the game. Roby Games Studio provides very impressive products in terms of its graphics and gameplay. Hunter Assassin is a very easy game. You can easily bend in this game. Hunter Assassin is about your patience and thinking. Assassin your targets with patience and proper planning. In this game, guards keep moving in each room with light. If they found you, they will shoot on you, and your points will decrease to zero. If your points become zero, your life will be the end and that particular level will start again. Attacks and assassin the guards before your points reach zero. You have to keep away from the eyes of the guards. On the left top corner, you will find the information about your remaining enemies. To kill your enemies, you have to hide in the shadow, and attack from the behind. If your assassin all the enemies, you will be moved to the next level. Each new level has a unique map. Use this map to kill your enemies and achieve your targets. There is a limit of points, if you got these points you can upgrade your fighter. In Hunter Assassin, you have the opportunity to get gifts. This opportunity can only be achieved if you collect 3 keys. If you collect 3 keys, then you will get a gift having 9 boxes. Select any three boxes, points in those three boxes will be added to your overall score. Visuals From a visual point of view, Hunter Assassin is a very simple and cool game. No difficulty for the beginners to play this game. The colors used in this game are very attractive. There are many rooms and places to hide. You can use these rooms and places to hide from the guards. This will be on your thinking ability, how you attack your targets? Stay away from the guards, and attack from the backside on the guards and kill them. In different rooms, there are keys available. Collect these keys from the rooms and increase your diamonds. Controls From the control point of view, this is a classical game. To move your fighter is very simple. Move your finger, your fighter will move in the same direction. When you reach near to your enemy, just tap on your enemy. Your fighter will kill that particular enemy. The overall graphical user interface of this game is very simple.



Hunter Assassin Game is a free-to-play game. Due to its easy to play and simple GUI, this is liked by the majority of the game fans. That’s why more than 500 million people install and play this game.

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