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Ice Scream Episode 2 : Horror Neighborhood

Size: 136M
Release Date: 2019-12-13


Ice Scream Episode 2 : Horror Neighborhood Review:

This is one of the best scary adventure game for iOS and Android devices. If you want to enjoy fantasy, horror and fun, now play Ice Scream 2 - Horror Neighborhood. The game Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood is a curious quest with elements of horror in which you have to know how and why the ice-cream seller freeze Bob, the teenager. Gameplay A van with the ice cream stopped near the user's home. Chubby Bob went to a special window to buy some of his favorite ice creams. Suddenly, the seller froze the buyer and dragged himself into the car. The events took place so quickly that the victim did not even have time to shout. A close friend of the character accidentally saw the crime out of the window, he witnessed the crime and should immediately begin an investigation, while leaving a chance to save the stunned boy. The player controls the witness; someone's life depends on their actions. The bad guy gets behind the wheel and is about to leave. Controls First, you have to go down the window with a rope and run to the van. The criminal will lose an essential map of the area and help solve many puzzles. With the card in hand, you must get into the big car through the back door. At each stop, there will be puzzles, difficult tasks leading to the solution of the main secret. You will have to act quietly, and with extreme care, the seller of the ice cream is very attentive, listens to all sounds, and hears perfectly from a distance. There is a great risk that a detective will be retrained as another victim. There are three game modes prepared for you, a frightening atmosphere, interesting puzzles, many secrets, and simple controls. Horror features: • save a best friend; • Criminal investigation; • Solve difficulty level of the puzzles; • looking for evidence in different parts of the city; • Reveal the terrible secret of an ice cream seller. Visual The overall appearance style of this game is done in a slightly old school way. There are no clear timers and time limits in the quest, but you have to hurry continually. If a kidnapper feels something, you need to hide urgently. With the observation of the observer, the situation is worse than for hearing, finding shelter is not difficult. Once the enemy understands that someone else is present nearby, the investigation will become more difficult due to the need to flee the criminal. Carefully inspect the multifaceted places, try not to miss the important information in detail. Text prompts appear regularly on the screen; they help navigate, not in fear. The soundtrack reduces fear, the scenario takes shape, and the mystical atmosphere is felt from the first minute. Try to reveal the horrible secret!



If you love playing horror and thrill games, this game is only for you. It’s a terrific game that make your heart beat faster. However, at Hard and Extreme level challenges, this game will cause you to lose your brain. It is the best horror game I have even seen. If you love horror, then you much try Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood.

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