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Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide

Size: 7.2M
Release Date: 2017-11-24


Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Review:

Hey, players! What’s your mood today? Are you ready to learn and play something incredibly exciting? We’re going to discuss a unique game that is currently trending, and what’s that? Is it another boring arcade game? If you’re thinking this, you’re wrong! So, what’s the game and what’s exciting? We’ll be talking about a unique game. Why it’s unique? Well, you’ll be learning along with the gameplay, how? Don’t worry, and we’ll explore and then write the Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Game Review. Let’s start then. But, before diving in, let’s get an overview of this exciting game. We’ll explore it’s technical aspects too! There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to learn maths most innovatively while playing this game. We’ve to give a thumbs up to the developer GunjanApps Studios for that. Also, you’ll find over a hundred thousand positive reviews; that’s a decent number. Additionally, it’d crossed a milestone number of over ten million installs; that’s a fair number, huh! Furthermore, it’s an extremely light-weight game taking less than 10MB space on your phone. Indeed, the latest version 8.4 released a few days ago is loaded with loads of gaming assets; you’ll love playing it, we bet! It’s gameplay time now, let’s begin then. Gameplay Review 10/10 Cool! The game is finally on your phone. That’s good news! You’ll be playing one of the simplest games on the play store, yet it’s incredibly fun. So, what’s your expectation from a maths puzzle game? It’s not only a brain tester game, but it’ll also help you learn maths most innovatively. As you open up the app, it starts by asking your age, why? Well, it’ll throw questions according to your age; it’s a learning app suitable for people of all ages. You’ll get a wide range of options to choose your preferred language, and the thrill begins in a while. You’ll find options to choose from various mathematical functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponential. So, what’s your favorite area, and what do you want to learn today? Ohh, you’re an expert! That’s great! Then, select the Quiz. Yes, you’ve got an option for that too! The game begins, and you’ve to solve the maths puzzles by choosing the correct options. Don’t worry! You’ll be able to crack them. They aren’t that tough, huh! As you continue playing, you’ll be earning points and beat the opponent player; you’re a maths champion, and no one can defeat you, haha! Graphics Review 9/10 It’s a simple arcade game and comes with neat graphics. There’s nothing great to expect from the graphical display, but it’s powerful enough to keep you engaged. Sounds Review 10/10 We loved playing this unique maths puzzle-solving game for hours; it’s addictive and fun too! Controls Review 10/10 It’s one of the most simple game when we talk about the gaming controls. You’ve to tap and play, and that’s how the game progresses. Replay Value Review 10/10 We’re delighted to rate the replay value of this game positively with a thumbs up; of course, you’ll get addicted to it. In Conclusion If you’re ready to test your maths skills and want to set yourself in front of a real-time challenge, it’s the best game that we’ve ever played. Indeed, it’s free to download on your smartphone. Why don’t you do it then? You’ll love playing it again, and we bet that!



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