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Math Kids - Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

Size: 34M
Release Date: 2017-08-22


Math Kids - Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn Review:

Hey, gamers! We hope you've made grand plans to enjoy this weekend, correct? Of course, you're a gadget freak game lover; we know you can rest without playing a game on your smartphone! Well, when there're millions of listed games that'll find on the gaming stores, it's daunting to download and play each of them. Humm! Don't worry! We'll address your pain point; we're shortlisting the best user-rated games. Cool! So, what's for this week? We've got an incredibly fun game that'll refresh everything you've learned in your childhood or probably revise it along with your child. That's cool, huh! So, what's this maths game? Is it yet another boring arcade puzzle game, or is something interesting in it? Let's see as we will play Math Kids - Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn and then give our honest game review; that's what you expect from us, and we'll meet up to your expectation. But, before we start diving deeper, let's take a technical overview. It's one of the finest educational games designed in particular for kids of up to twelve. However, adults can't stop playing; we bet! That's quite evident from over thirteen thousand positive reviews and over ten million installs; that's incredible, huh! It's also a lightweight game as it takes less than 35MB of your smartphone storage; that's a simple technical aspect. The developers are also updating the gaming assets regularly, and the latest release was on 24th June. What else? Nothing! It's time to play now and then write the Math Kids - Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn honest game review. Let's begin then. Gameplay Review You'll probably not realize the incredible thrill that you'll have unless you start playing this game. Yes, that's one of the primary points that we'd like to mention; why? Well, you'll feel like it's a game for the kids. Tring! Tring! Haha! That's correct, but don't think that you can fool the program. Yes, the moment you'll start playing, you'll feel the gaming challenge. Don't forget that we're playing a maths challenge game, so keep yourself ready. It's an excellent game to give intense education to your child with regards to maths. Indeed, the developers believed that all toddlers or kindergarteners would love playing it; we do think the same, huh! As you open up the screen and start playing it, you've to solve simple math puzzles. Mostly these are by dragging and dropping or sometimes merely by typing numbers. Indeed, these are small challenges that you'll love to accept and play the game alike. What happens next? Humm, you've guessed it correctly! You'll find that you've sharpened your maths skills. Bingo! Indeed, it's your kids who've learned a lot while playing it and enhancing their skills. That'll make you feel happy, and we're sure about it. So, continue playing the game and win over every challenge to solve the tricky mathematical problems. From adding puzzles to quiz and from matchmaking to image counting, you'll be guiding your kids to do a lot of tasks; or probably DIY yourself a few, haha! Finally, you'll find that your kids have learned a lot; that too while playing along. Wow! That's incredibly fun. What do you say? Well, to comment, you've to play first! Graphics review Although it's a game designed targeting the kids, the developers had significantly focused on keeping stunning graphics quality. You'll find the images and characters clear, and that's what makes it an interactive game. Thus, we'll give full marks to the gaming graphics. Sound Review Kids love excellent background sound. Indeed, that's what the developers had done in this game. You'll love playing it for nice funny sounds; that's engaging too! Controls Review It's an easy game when we talk about gaming controls. Either you've to drag and drop or key in the numbers. That's fun! Replay Value We'll give a 10/10 replay value to Math Kids - Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn. It's an honest review; It's an addictive game and has enough power to attract gamers for multiple gaming sessions. In Conclusion There's no doubt that Math Kids is one of the finest games that your kids have ever played. Indeed, it's a game that'll take away any maths-phobia from your kids. They'll understand that maths is fun and learn it most innovatively.



Since it's 100% free, so please hurry up and download it today!

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