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Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

Size: 42M
Release Date: 2019-07-12


Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles Review:

Hello, Gamers! Do you want to live the life of a Spy? As a spy, you’ve to solve cases, puzzles, uncover critical riddles, and win secret missions. Isn’t it thrilling? What do you think? If you’re excited, there’s good news! Developer Lion Studios’s Mr. Bullet - Spy Puzzles is the ideal game for you. It’s a PVP multiplayer game where you play the lead role of a spy, Mr. Bullet. You’re on a challenging secret mission to destroy opponent enemies and save the world. Next up: Is it free to download? Where to find it? Well, this super-exciting game is free to download from both the Android and iOS stores. Since it’s launched, there’re over fifty million installs. It proves the game is immensely successful. But what about the user reviews? Good News is, there’re over five-hundred thousand positive reviews; it’s impressive, huh! Of course, there’re tons of puzzling challenge games available for free. But, what makes it unique among others? To understand it, let’s take an overview of Mr. Bullet - the spy puzzle game and review it with regards to the gameplay, visuals, and controls. But, hold on! Let’s learn about its technical glitches before we move on. Undoubtedly, Mr. Bullet is an excellent interactive game. It loads fast and takes less than 40 MB of your phone memory, that’s great! Also, the developers care to release the updates, the lastest released just a day before. Having said so, let’s begin the real thrill! How? Of course, we’ve to play, so let’s do it together. Gameplay It’s an excellent chance for you to become an overnight hero and save the world. The moment you launch the game, you’ll feel alike, we bet! You’ll be playing the role of a brave spy, Mr. Bullet, and destroy enemies to save the world. Do you think it’s so simple, correct? No, certainly not! It’s a spy puzzle game. Therefore, you’ve to target and shoot enemies with exceptional accuracy. You’ll have your weapon to shoot, but the targets are not straight. Here’s the hack in this game, and that makes it so addictive! You’ve to aim at the enemies using your brain in such a way that with one shot, they’re dead. You’ll be encountering deadly enemies, like ninjas, zombies, lumberjack, and even and other bad guys. You’ve to aim straight or angular with higher accuracy so that the bullet hits the targets. Don’t forget to use weapons like grenade launchers to combat with deadly enemies. Also, remember to save hostages and earn points. That’ll help you to unlock challenging missions as the game progresses. Visuals It’s a simple interactive game with stunning and clear visuals. All gaming characters are visible clearly; we give full thumbs up to the developers for that. You’ll enjoy long gaming sessions as great visuals played a decent role in that. Controls Since its a shooter game, you’ll find interactive and easy to use controls. It’s easy to use without tiring your hands. Final Verdict After playing for over two hours, we didn’t notice any dull moment. It’s a highly interactive game, with great visuals and stunning sounds. We’ll give it a thumbs up! What do you think? Play it and feel proud of becoming an overnight legendary spy. Mission Accomplished!



After playing for over two hours, we didn’t notice any dull moment. It’s a highly interactive game, with great visuals and stunning sounds. We’ll give it a thumbs up! What do you think?

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