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Multicraft: Pocket Edition

Size: 24M
Release Date: 2015-07-19


Multicraft: Pocket Edition Review:

Game lovers, there’s exciting news for you! Did you ever dream to architect a house for you? Will it be even more impressive if you can build it on your own? That’s great! If you’re excited to do that, Multicraft: Pocket Edition is the ideal game for you, especially for all iOS users. It’s a unique game where you’ve to use your designing talent and build a dream house for you to live. Don’t you think it’s incredibly exciting? Are you thinking now where the challenge is? Cool! That’s the real hack, and you’ve to lean it by paying the game, so why to wait? Let’s dive in straight for an exciting gaming session. But, let’s take an overview of this popular game before we start playing. It’s one of the biggest successes for MultiCraft ever science; they’ve released it for all iOs users. Many gamers from around the world reviewed it positively. The gaming features and unique concepts are what they’ve liked the most; You play either as a Builder or as a Ruthless Hunter. That’s interesting. Let’s unfold other exciting gaming features and face new gaming challenges while playing it. Gameplay Great! MultiCraft ― Build, and Mine is now on your mobile device. It’s loads extremely fast as you need only 41MB of free space in your apple gadget: iPhone and iPad. Let’s see what happens next! You’ll find a dashboard with multiple options to choose from and enter the exciting gaming world. Why it’s exciting? Let’s find out. Next up: A list of world and modes to choose from; enter the creative move, if you don’t want Zombies to hunt you down, wow! Go ahead, and it’s time to select tools to create a beautiful house for yourself. That’s cool, huh! What next? You’ve to open the window and select tools that you’ll need to build your dream house. Choose tools like bricks, doors, windows, and other essentials. There’s a search window that pops up for you to enter the name of the item you’re looking to select. Look around for an ideal location to build your house. You’ll find it exciting as there’s ample space for that. So, continue walking and select the area of your choice. Ohh! What’s that? There’re roaming animals all over and even bears! Don’t worry! Kill them with the chopper that’ll be holding in your hand and clean the surrounding area to build your dream house. You’ll also have access to various other weapons. So, there’s an option to change your gun alike. Now, it’s time to use all the resources and blocks to build your block-house. Once your house is ready, you’ve to pull in stuff and make it prepared for leaving. Think and be creative while you do that. Isn’t it exciting! Build your house fast before it’s night. Why? There’re Zombies, deadly monsters, and Huge Spiders that’ll come to find their prey. You’ve to careful; don’t fall in their trap! Visuals It’s a great game with excellent visuals. Although you’ll find characters and buildings made of blocks, they’re visible and will capture your attention. Controls You’ll find self-directed gaming controls. However, you’ve to play it a couple of times, and that’ll make you familiar with the gaming environment. Final Verdict It’s an excellent game, especially the Animal battles; we loved it. We played MultiCraft for a few hours, and we’ve enjoyed our overall gaming session. It’s a thumbs up from our side, what about you? Download and play it, you’ll fall in love, and we bet that!



It’s an excellent game, especially the Animal battles; we loved it. We played MultiCraft for a few hours, and we’ve enjoyed our overall gaming session. It’s a thumbs up from our side, what about you? Download and play it, you’ll fall in love, and we bet that!

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