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Size: 74M
Release Date: 2018-09-13

4.2 2 Review: 2 is a real-time multiplayer drawing game developed by VOODOO. Before its second version, is the first version of this game, and people like this game. Soon after popularity developer develops its second version where they fix many minor bugs and brings new idea in the game of multiplayer with real-time interaction. Developers also make the game smoother with smooth drawing and with different modes. The game size is almost 47Mb, and it is available for android and iOS mobile devices. The web version of this game is also available. You can play this game from the website. Not only 2 but also its first version and other games developed by VOODOO. Gameplay Game is like a race between all players to get more and more territory by making loops. Loop means you start from your game from your territory. When you start the game, you have a small territory where you start the game. And after the start, you need to make a loop as long as you can start from your territory and also end in your territory. While creating a loop, if any other player hits with your line of loop, your territory will be finished. Also, your game will be finished. So a quick tip for you is that create small and small loops. Build your territory slowly. You also need to kill other players who try to get your territory. Because as we mentioned above, 2 is a real-time multiplayer game. It means many other players from all over the world also plays this game. Their goal is also to get more and more territory, so every player tries its best to acquire more and more land. The game has different modes and maps. In-game ways, you have a classic style, which is played mostly and grilling method. Others are small maps, fast speed, and world conflict. In hot mode or vintage, mode maps are pretty long and big. If you want to play in small plans, the method is available for you. In fast speed, your box that moves to make loops, some person says it a snake, run faster. You have to be quick and more professional to play in the fast mode. In the last way, that is a world conflict player played on the country level. This means you select your country, and players with the same country played to gather and add more land to the country territory. Look like world conflict as the mode name shows. Control Game control is effortless and simple. You can play this game on mobile devices with a thumb swipe. As you know, this game is played in portrait mode, not in landscape. On the web version where you can play this game on your browser on any device. You have many options. Either play with the keyboard arrow button or WASD button. You can also play with the mouse on the web version. Conclusion The game is fun and enjoyable. With its feature of multiplayer, it becomes true fun. Play 2 and let us know how much you like this game in the comment.



The game is fun and enjoyable. With its feature of multiplayer, it becomes true fun. Play 2 and let us know how much you like this game in the comment.

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don't play in pc

By Mason

I don,t now what this game looks like in side.

By Digger_79

крутая игра развлекает по полной

By Alice

it for good game

By Tyla ( im a girl )

It’s okay it gets boring after a while

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it ok

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