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Save The Fish!

Size: 60M
Release Date: 2020-05-25


Save The Fish! Review:

Hello, all gamers! Welcome back to the world of mobile games. It’s been an exciting gaming journey together until today! Indeed, we’ve explored tons of mobile games. From NFS to FPS games, we’ve played every genre, huh! That’s Cool! Then you must be thinking now, what’s new today, correct? Humm, it’s a good question! Well, today, we will be playing a casual game. But, hey, don’t worry as it’s exciting and full of action. What’s the game? It’s Save, The Fish, and we will write Save The Fish Game Honest Review together. But, before diving more profound into the gameplay, let’s get an overview of this casual game. First, we’ve to admire the excellent positive reviews from gamers. It’s over a hundred and fifty thousand. Wow! That’s big! Then, there are over ten million app installs. It’s a considerable number too! Also, the game developer MesibaGames is quick to release the latest gaming updates. That’s good! One last thing, and it’s the free space that you’ve to keep on your mobile. Hey, don’t worry! It’s around 60MB only. It’s manageable. Next up is the gameplay time! Let’s enter the gaming world and begin the gameplay together. We will review the gameplay, sound, control, and replay value by playing this exciting game together. Let’s begin! Gameplay Review Do you know that you’re about to play a fascinating game? Yes, it’s true! Yet, you’ll fall in love with the simplicity of this game. Save The Fish Game is a puzzle game with some unique twists and comes with a friendly and exciting gaming story. It’s incredibly addictive, and you can’t end the gameplay in a single gaming session. Yes, it’s true! Indeed, we’ve played it non-stop for several hours. It’s full of fun! You’ll be doing lots of cool studs for your favorite friend in this game. Yes, you’ve got it correct! It’s a cute little fish, and you’ve to play and win the fish puzzle. Wow! That’s exciting! So, you begin level one and start decoding the brain teaser puzzles. Hey, you’ve to play seriously as these are tricky puzzles. But there’s tons of underlying fun waiting for you. What? Don’t worry! We’ll explore everything together. You can decorate the aquariums while you’re solving the puzzle. The only hack is, you can’t lose concentration. Yes, that’s an essential criterion. Then where’s the challenge and thrill in the game? Don’t worry! There’s a lot, and that’s the unique twist in this casual game. Indeed, you’re on a rescue mission. It’s to rescue your beloved fish friend to a safe place. Why do you need a safe area? Well, there’s lava and poisonous gas all over the place. Thus, you’ve to play carefully and ensure that these don’t flow into the fish tank. But, hey, you’re doing an excellent job! So, keep it up and continue winning levels. There are over twenty levels and fishes to unlock. It’s fun! Graphics Review It’s an excellent game with nice and clean graphics. You can play it non-stop for hours and enjoy the fun. Indeed, the clean UI interface makes it even more interactive. But, of course, we’ll give full credits to the gaming graphics. Sound Review There’s not much to talk about the sound. But, the developers did justice with the gamer’s expectations. Control Review You can play the game without exploring the control tutorials. It’s basic, and you can follow the on-screen guidelines to play it hassle-free! Replay Value We will give Save The full Fish credit as it’s an engaging game with high replay value.



There’s no doubt that Save The Fish is a perfect choice. Although it’s a casual game, you’ve to use your brain to solve the puzzles. That makes it an engaging game. The good news is, it’s free to download and play. But, hey, don’t wait then! Start playing and unlock the ultimate gaming excitement!

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