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Sniper 3D:Gun Shooting Games

Release Date: 2014-11-13


Sniper 3D:Gun Shooting Games Review:

Are you a first-person game lover? Do you love bomb effects and beautiful army guns like AWP, M4A1? Coming to Sniper 3D is a game that has all the components you need to become a sniper. Destroy the enemies in your sights! Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games is an FPS action game. The player acts as a hired killer or a member of the Special Forces. In each mission, the shooter has faced with the most complex task. To neutralize one or more targets, but not to make noise or damage civilians. To complete the mission at the disposal of the player has given many improvements to rifles. Gameplay The gameplay of the game is so exciting and varied. With each new city, the difficulty of the game will increase. At the end of the last shot, a slow-motion video of the bullet's flight to the place of kill has shown. It looks great, especially the first few times. The gameplay is the same as the usual virtual shooting range. The player will visit North and South America, European countries, Asia, and so on. Before starting the mission, the sniper undergoes short training. During the training, he has introduced to the course. The chief talks about who will be the target for today when he arrives at the place. Where it is better to shoot from, and what the situation is like on the street. After that, the player takes a favorable position. Then, he begins to assess the surrounding situation with the help of his own eyes and an optical sight. Then comes target identification and elimination. If the sniper fulfills the task, he will receive a full reward in the form of crystals, money, and experience. All locations will combine into a single map, along which you will move as you progress. Each city has five main missions, designed in the form of short stories. Besides the main missions, there are also secondary missions. As a rule, in most secondary tasks, the hero must help the policeman catch the criminal. And neutralize the terrorist in the crowd, etc. If you do not have enough training or coins, go through extra tasks. They have divided according to the types of weapons you have: · For owners of a sniper rifle, there are tasks to search for a person in a crowd. Hit a target in the head, mass destruction of targets. · For a sniper with a pistol, simple target shooting is most often offered. · For rapid-fire weapons, you can shoot at fast-moving targets. Kill a certain number of terrorists. Before each task, a short briefing will appear on the screen. There is information about your goal: appearance, crimes committed, intended location, etc. Game controls The game offers an intuitive control system. It implements sight control, to put it mildly, unusual. You will not have to aim the weapon at the target with your fingers, but only with an accelerometer. It may be inappropriate at first, but you soon get used to this innovation. Graphics 3D graphics, the buildings are realistically designed like genuine buildings. The effects of moving and detecting enemies of the bots are invested as actual. The skins of the guns are diverse, eye-catching, and suitable for rifle addicts. In addition, you can buy more of their favorite guns to complete the tasks through the game screen. Also, the effects of explosions and shots seem like actual sounds. It helps to improve the player's experience to the highest level. Conclusion At first glance, Sniper 3D is yet another classic shooting range. However, the details and nuances of the game worked out well. It makes the gameplay very rich. A well-developed role-playing system and a variety of weapons will not let you get bored. Even the plot will delight the players. So download Sniper 3D to your Mobile right now.



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