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Solar Smash

Size: 83M
Release Date: 2020-01-19


Solar Smash Review:

Hey, Gamers! We welcome everyone to the world of smartphone gaming. Well, so are you exploring new games? Humm, you must be browsing the play store, correct? Hey, hold on! There’s an engaging mobile game on our gaming list, and what’s that? It’s the Solar Smash Game. Also, we’ll write Solar Smash Game Honest Review soon. Wow! That’s exciting! It’s a game that’ll take you straight ahead to outer space. Wow! It’s thrilling. But, we will write Solar Smash Game Honest Review after playing it together. Are you ready to join for an incredible gaming action? We know it’s yes! Howdy! Let’s begin then, haha! Solar Smash is a simulation game about space. Indeed, it’d received overwhelmingly positive reviews from gamers around the globe. Do you know the numbers? They’re over five hundred thousand. Also, you’ll be excited to know that more than ten million gamers are playing it along with you. Vola! That’s big numbers, huh! Also, it’s a lightweight game and doesn’t occupy over 100MB of space. Furthermore, the new version got loaded with tons of exciting gaming assets. Are you thrilled? Yes! And so we’re. Then, let’s review its gameplay, visuals, and controls while playing along. Gameplay Review So, Gamers, how about marveling around our galaxy? Hey, are you excited to enjoy a journey through the milky way? Or let’s say if it’s between asteroids? Isn’t that exciting? Yes, that’s true! Indeed, it’s possible when you enter the gaming zone of the Solar Smash Game and start playing it. Thus, let’s review the incredible action that’ll begin in a while. Hey, we’re playing along, haha! Well, as you enter the gaming zone, you’ll feel the tension and gaming thrill. It’s a planet destruction simulator game on the far galaxy. Who are you? Hey, you’re the chosen one, the gaming hero with super destructive powers. What can you do with your abilities? Well, you’ve to use it to destroy the planets; that’s the gaming story! Don’t worry about the weapons. You’ve got a long list, and it includes even deadly weapons like lasers and nuclear missiles. Hey, don’t forget that you’ve to destroy planets and asteroids too. Also, it’s the galaxy where you can expect uncertainties. But, you’re a brave warrior, or are you one of the courageous scientists? Continue playing until the end and keep earning points. It’s a fascinating game with highly addictive elements; you’ll discover soon, we bet! Graphics Review It’s one of those mobile games that’ll not make players disappointed with dull graphics. Indeed, you’ll find lively illustrations. At times you’ll see the screen flashing with white lights. Hey, it’s a stunning visual effect, and the developers did excellently to make it live. We will give full marks to the gaming graphics. Sound Review We’ve enjoyed the gaming sound as it’s addictive. Indeed, there’s no monotonous sound that you’ll hear throughout the game. It’s Cool, right? Control Review You can play Solar Smash on your smartphone as you can easily control the gameplay with both hands. Thus, it’ll keep your hands busy throughout the gameplay. Replay Value Of course, players from around the world enjoyed playing the Solar Smash. That’s why they’ve got over ten million installs. It’s addictive enough for repetitive gaming sessions. Thus, we’ll rate this game with a high replay value for an engaging gameplay action.



Finally, if you want to play a game that’ll give you an exciting gaming action with great sound and stunning visual effects, it’s the Solar Smash. We don’t doubt it. You won’t, too; we bet! Thus, download and give it a try today. It’s free, huh!

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