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Sonic 4™ Episode I

Size: 37M
Release Date: 2012-01-25


Sonic 4™ Episode I Review:

Hey, gamers! Are you looking for an incredible action-packed arcade mobile game? If that’s the case, then there’s good news for you. You’ll enjoy playing Sonic 4™ Episode I on your mobile device. It’s a thrilling game that’ll challenge your gaming skills, and we bet that! So, what’s in this game for which it’s trending around recently? Well, let’s start exploring a few details from the play store to get a clear idea. It’s developer SEGA’s one of the flagship games. They’ve released it with multiple improvisations over their classic Sonic Spin Dash with added new features. To play it seamlessly, you’ll need a smartphone with an accelerometer. That’s cool! But what else? Well, it’s reviewed positively by thousands of gamers from around the globe. Although it has lots of gaming assets, the game loads fast. Furthermore, you need less than 40 MB of available phone memory. We’ll take a walk through and play it before writing the review. Let’s begin then. Gameplay As the game loads up, you’ve to press the start button to bring Sonic, the Hedgehog in action. It’ll be an incredible action journey, and you’ve to travel faster than light; the gameplay will challenge your reflexes! You’ll find the assets loading up fast, and in a while, you’ll see the game dashboard. Don’t forget to check the controls from the panel, and what else? Nothing, you’re ready to start a journey full of thrill and adventure. You’ll start with Episode I, where you’ve to play and win challenges spread across multiple zones. You’ve to jump, dash and run fast, extremely fast, but look around for enemies. You’ve to save yourself from numerous obstacles, jump and collect power alike; it’s incredibly fun! As you proceed with the gameplay, you’ve to break several obstacles that’ll block your way; you’ve to apply Homing Attack and other unique mechanics. You’ll enjoy the gameplay and its extraordinary speed. Don’t forget, you’re sonic, and you’ve infinite power. You’ve to apply all your power to make crazy jumps, dash over obstacles, and bump around to earn points with every move. You’ve to continue playing the game and clear all the four stages, one after another. Don’t take the gameplay easy as you’ll meet the boss’s enemies. They’re waiting to attach you. But, you’ve to apply all your super-powers and apply them tactfully to defeat powerful enemies. Visuals It’s one of the most excellent games that we’ve ever played. Once you start playing, you can’t stop as its immensely addictive. You’ll enjoy every move, surrounding environment, and the background sounds; they’re super-impressive. Controls The best part of this game is, it’s interactive tutorial; yup! You’ll find access to the tutorial right on the dashboard. It’s at the beginning of the game. It’s simple, and you’ve to use both your hands to play. Don’t worry, it uses the accelerometer technique! Final Verdict Sonic 4™ Episode I is a fully-featured game. It has all the gaming elements, good-enough to give you power-pack entertainment. We’ve played it seamlessly for a few hours, and it’s incredibly addictive. That’s why it’s a thumbs up from us! Download and play it to enjoy the adrenal thrill right on your smartphone!



Sonic 4™ Episode I is a fully-featured game. It has all the gaming elements, good-enough to give you power-pack entertainment. We’ve played it seamlessly for a few hours, and it’s incredibly addictive. That’s why it’s a thumbs up from us!

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