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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Size: 38M
Release Date: 2018-01-16


Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! Review:

Tiles Hop is a hopping game that is a fun game for the music lover. No matter what genre you like, this game has all. This game is available for both users i.e., OS and Android. Also, this game is suitable for teenagers, as the store suggests. This game will entertain you with a bouncing ball that hops along with the music’s beats. It also allows you to import your tunes from the phone and enjoy it while playing. Gameplay As you install this game from the app store, an icon will appear. Click on the game icon and start playing. This game begins with a mini-tutorial, which will guide you on how to bounce the ball from one tile to another. The primary goal is to win the game by bouncing the ball on tiles one after another and make sure syncing with the speed of the music. As speed increases, you have to move faster; although it may sound easy and straightforward, believe me, it is not. You might feel that your screen is way too small or not sufficient for you to play well. You have to be very attentive while playing, and there lies the spark. There are 30 plus beautiful songs in the game, which includes EDM, popular, classical, rock, pop, and Christmas songs. As there is a pretty good amount of variety of songs so you can always pick from them and enjoy accordingly. Music quality is also good, but for a better experience, use headphones. Visual A graphic designer has beautifully picked a neon theme to go with almost every music and keeps you stick to it. A color is selected by the app, and then all other elements reflect the shade of that particular shade with a black undertone. It looks so good and perfect. Every genre brings different shades, which makes sure to give you a superb experience. According to the app store, it says that there are more than 20+ different backgrounds. Overall, graphics and effects are marvelous. Control This game is all about controlling the ball. The ball bounces very fast in the latter part of the game, so you have to be very careful. A single glitch in control may kick you out of the game. But this game has proved how well it has been built. The touch can also be adjusted via settings depending upon how sensitive you want it. Final Verdict Creating a whole next level music game is not easy at all, many things should keep in mind, for example, music quality, bad graphics, and engaging game. But Tiles Hop is a free game with secure elements. This game is a gem for music lovers as you can upload your own song from the collection of your phone and play. I especially keep this game on while exercising on the treadmill as it motivates me with the music and keeps me occupied for 1 hr. I can also record and share my highest points with friends on Facebook.



Tiles Hop is a hopping game that is a fun game for the music lover. No matter what genre you like, this game has all.

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Hiba Talat

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