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Size: 64M
Release Date: 2019-06-14

4.2 Review:

Summers are approaching, so what's the plan? You'll enjoy splashing around in the water to escape from the summer heat, correct? Of course, that's incredibly fun! Why don't you try it right away? How? Well, you can play Aquapark.Io, an exciting and thrilling water slide game directly on your mobile phones. The adventure begins after you visit the famous water park-Aquapark. It's one of the best family games by developer VOODOO. Who's certifying that? Like us, you'll find nearly one million gamers who reviewed it positively. So, what's that mean? It's an incredibly addictive and fun game, suitable for long gaming hours , and we don't doubt that! Also, the game installs stats are over a hundred million, that's another encouraging number. But what about the technical aspects? You need approximately 80 MB of free gaming memory for this highly-engaging game to run smoothly on your phone; that's a necessary criterion . The developers so far did an excellent wok by updating the game regularly, and the lastest was done on March 2nd this month. So, why wait? Let ’s enjoy the gameplay and review it in detail. Gameplay There's no doubt that you'll love playing Aquapark.Io as it's incredibly fun. The game begins after you enter the Aquapark. You'll find yourself wearing a crown; great! So, you're the queen, and no one can defeat you! Now the real thrill begins. You'll find giant slides inside the water park. Of course, you've to ride them and ensure that you remain in the number one position. How? Well, there'll be opponents blocking you while you 're sliding. You ’ve to overtake everyone whosoever comes in your way; ahh, it ’s a non-stop slide but hit and kill your opponents as you slide down. You ’ll earn points and that incredibly funny and massively addictive. Also, prepare yourself for massive jumps. You'll find yourself flying over the giant sliding tubes. Make sure you land on another slide below, as otherwise, if you fall on the water, you lose. It is what makes Aquapark.Io a challenging game. You ’ll earn coins as you keep playing. Once you reach the end of the giant water slide and plunge into the water pool, you ’re level up; it ’s time to move up to the next level. Superb! Visuals There ’s no doubt that the gaming visuals are highly addictive. Although it ’s a free-to-download game, the developer team did excellent work in maintaining highly engaging graphics. You ’ll capture every gaming elements clearly during the gameplay. Controls Aquapark.Io comes with straightforward controls, and you ’ll enjoy playing the game for extended hours. It ’s more on the hand movements, so practice balancing; that ’ll help! Final Verdict It ’s an amazing and addictive game. We played extensively, and it never slowed down. That ’s fun! So, download and play it yourself, it ’s free!



It ’s an amazing and addictive game. We played extensively, and it never slowed down. That ’s fun! So, download and play it yourself, it ’s free!

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