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Cops Vs Robbers: Jailbreak

Size: 54M
Release Date: 2014-10-26


Cops Vs Robbers: Jailbreak Review:

The android and app store is full of exciting and thrilling games. At times it becomes a difficult task to select which game to download and play; Of course, if you aren’t bored playing the regular NFS, MOBA, or FPS games. Let’s take a look at this exciting 3D block action game - Cop Vs. Robbers, an exciting unstoppable puzzle action game for everyone. In this game, you’ve to play the role of a prisoner and fight nonstop to escape from prison. It already reached over ten million mobile devices, as that’s the installation numbers since it’s released. The good news is, you can download it for free from any android and app store. Furthermore, there are over one hundred and fifty thousand positive reviews; that’s always an encouraging number for any game to measure its success. Cops Vs. Robbers come with a cute and addictive story. It’ll keep you engaged for hours of gaming sessions. Let’s take a look at the game’s technical aspects before we review it. Technically it would be best if you around had around 75MB of free memory in your phone to install this game. Developer Aeria Canada released the latest gaming update around two days before on 25th March. They added a few new features, and that makes the gameplay even more exciting. Having said so, let’s now review it with regards to gameplay, visuals, and controls. Let’s begin. Gameplay You’ll love to see the gaming characters; everyone in cute little 3D Blocks. After launching the game, the asset loads automatically, and you’re ready for intense action. You’ll start at Level one. Over here, you’ll to combat and defeat at least eighteen opponent enemies before moving on to the next level; that’s your first mission to accomplish. Next up: Select your difficulty mode between easy, medium, and hard and hit the play button for intense gaming action. You’ve now entered into the primary gaming environment, and that’s the jail. So, you’ve to kill opponents, break the prison, and escape. You’ve to pick up the gun, and you’ll find it lying in front of you. That’s your first weapon, but you’ll find other killer weapons as the game progresses. Now, target your gun to the corrections officers and shoot. You shouldn’t don’t delay to press the trigger, or they’ll kill you; no mercy whatsoever! Start collecting weapons and find your way to escape from the jail. You’ll find tricky landscapes, hidden melee, and firearm weapons while combating around. So, keep an open eye and remain alert! Don’t forget to take the health kit and free amino; that’s the winning Protip. The moment you accomplish the mission objectives, you move up to the next level. Visuals Cops Vs. Robbers is a block game with stunning visuals. It’ll give you an excellent gaming experience, and there’s no doubt about that. All the gaming characters look funny, and that what makes it an engaging game. Controls You’ll find the gaming controls to be straightforward. Touch the screen and move yourself to the desired direction and tap to shoot; it’s easy! Final Verdict It’s one of the best heart-pumping fun games we’ve ever played. There’s no point where you’ll feel bored. Game engineering is excellent, and it loads fast. Furthermore, the interactive gaming sounds makes the gameplay even more exciting. So download and play this popular game; It’s an excellent time pass, we bet!



It’s one of the best heart-pumping fun games we’ve ever played. There’s no point where you’ll feel bored. Game engineering is excellent, and it loads fast. Furthermore, the interactive gaming sounds makes the gameplay even more exciting.

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