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Fun Race 3D

Size: Varies with device
Release Date: 2019-05-28


Fun Race 3D Review:

A MUST-PLAY ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! The list of online multiplayer games is increasing at a rapid pace. In this massive list of online multiplayer games, it has become quite hard for an average gamer to find something that is good. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a simple yet amazing online multiplayer title, Fun Race 3D. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with this review. Gameplay The gameplay in this game is unique and fun. Despite being as simple as it is, the gameplay still manages always to remain fresh and not become repetitive. The game loads up a new map for every new match and keeps all of us entertained. As the maps start to become harder and harder, the game begins to feel more and more engaging. With just a single tap, the game starts a match between two random strangers on a random map. You can also customize your character to a great extent! Any game can seem bland without some excellent customization options, and the developers behind Fun Race 3D know this fact. This game lets you customize the way your character looks, and you can also get new emotes to make your character yours in every way possible. There is also an option to change the body shape and the color of your personality. There is also a Fun City mode where the player can build his own theme-park! This theme-park is rightfully yours, and you can add whatever you want in it. The theme-park generates in-game currency for you. Visuals The visuals in this game are simple yet beautiful. You can seriously feel yourself getting immersed in the fascinating world of this game as it starts to become harder and harder. The visuals are unique, as this style of animation does not get adopted in games quite often. This game has its own look, and it does not try to copy anyone’s idea. Controls The controls are the major selling point in Fun Race 3D! Despite being an online multiplayer game, all you have to do is tap and hold your thumb on the screen to make your character move! Other online games can never appeal to a casual player because of how sophisticated the controls are. Mostly, players have to invest a particular time into an online game and learn precisely how it works, but Fun Race 3D is different. The Fun City game-mode is also very easy to control.



Fun Race 3D is a game that can be enjoyed casually by people of all ages. With about 100 million downloads on Google Play and more than 1 million reviews, this game is an absolute must-play. The ads in this game are also quite bearable, and they can be removed for a meager price. The best thing about the ads in this game is that, even if you are watching an ad to get an award, the ad is still skippable! This game is advantageous as it just keeps on giving the player different kinds of skins and emotes for absolutely free.

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Jamie Godwin

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