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Sonic CD Classic

Size: 24M
Release Date: 2018-01-31


Sonic CD Classic Review:

Sonic CD Classic game reviewAre you a fan of Sonic gaming series? If your answer is yes, there’s a lot of thrill waiting for you! You’ll likely love to play another popular game of the SEGA series, the Sonic CD Classic. So, what’s new in this game? Don’t worry! We’ll be taking a walk through and play the game together; that’ll be exciting, huh? So, what’s the story behind this new Sonic series? Well, in this game, you’re a time-traveler. You’re on a mission to save the world and rescue Amy Rose. Also, you’ve to recover the seven Time Stones, which is now with Dr. Eggman. That’s an exciting task and challenging too! We’ll dive more in-depth, but before that, let’s take a technical overview and discover how gamers liked it from around the world. It gained popularity since the SEGA game had its first release, why? Well, over five million installs and more than sixty-thousand positive reviews advocate; it doesn’t need an additional explanation. Also, you’ve to make sure to have your phone updated with the latest Android version, and what else? There’s nothing much, and it’s time to gameplay! Let’s begin then. Gameplay Finally, you’ve downloaded it. Cool! An exciting aspect of this game is it’s loading speed. Yup! It loads up fast, and quickly you’ll meet your hero in the blue suit; he’s in action and ready to save the world! As you press the play button, you’ll land right into the gaming environment. So, the excitement begins! Like all Sonic games, you’ve run at an incredible speed. Yes, there’re challenging tracks full of obstacles. Play in a way that you don’t land up in the gap; there’s danger beneath! To overcome the situation, you’ve to apply stunning physics like jump, dash, and race and keep moving. While you do so, you’ll collect points. You’ve to make sure to obtain the rings and also the power boosters; you’ll need those to fly high and climb above the high walls. Also, watch the timer as it’s running fast! You’ll have an extraordinary power to apply spin dash and super peel, but you’ve to use it wisely. But, you can overcome and win the battle; you’re the Sonic Hero! Visuals It’s an excellent game, and you’ll love playing it for great sound and visuals. You’ll cross multiple gaming environments and enjoy the gameplay. Indeed, it’s immensely addictive. Controls Like the other games in the SAGA gaming series, it also has got simple gaming controls. But, you’ve to keep both the hands engaged and continue the gameplay. Final Verdict We love playing SAGA games, and Sonic CD Classic is not an exception. Indeed, it surpassed our expectations that we’d form a basic archive game. We’ll give it a positive rating based on our gameplay experience. Once you’ll download and play it, you’ll also enjoy the Sonic thrill, and we bet that!



We love playing SAGA games, and Sonic CD Classic is not an exception. Indeed, it surpassed our expectations that we’d form a basic archive game. We’ll give it a positive rating based on our gameplay experience.

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