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Sumotori Dreams

Size: 3.5M
Release Date: 2014-03-12


Sumotori Dreams Review:

This is a mini fighting haul where two-block figures are robots, fighting with each other. An amazing timepass is available on both OS i.e., Android and iOS. And guess what this game is for everyone, no age limit. Sumotori Dreams cost $1.99 on Android and $0.99 on iOS. You can play with your family and friends as the player limit is 4, so have fun. This game is also available on PC, which is a bigger version. Gameplay Sumotori Dream is an action among floppy figures. You can play with up to four robots. You can be your own enemy if you fall off. These action figures are like some wobbling heads, the aim of this game is to control your combatant and win it. The fighters lurch that the slightest jerk could lead them to death fall. So be careful, and this is the essence of the game. One missed push, and here you go face on the ground, tangled limbs with each other, falling on each other and breaking the walls. This is a fun game totally because of unbalanced fighters and their gestures. My favorite is when they try to untangle themselves and moving towards each other like lost souls. The creator has cleverly taken advantage of the space around and provided different arenas like a set of stairs, a seesaw, and a kitchen. Everything could be breakable, and you will see these fighters falling on them, creating the mess. You fall, you rise, and that’s how you play it. You can play it with some player or AI and also adjust details of the arena. Visual Even though this game is quite funny, the one thing I like the most is its simple style. There is no story behind the game and without it, still engaging players to play. The credit goes to the graphics, they a neat and clean makes you focus entirely on the fighters. Every graphic of the next move is pretty precise, not just a random step. Control The game is all about controlling your combatants who fall and rise. Moving right and left are adequately controlled. There is no glitch while playing as soon as fighters tangled. They efficiently detangle themselves. You can run the fight smoothly, but be careful to not kill yourself. Final Verdict Overall, this game is pretty fun, especially when I play it with my friends. We try to hit each other and fall. Again stand up and fall. In the beginning, while we were trying to find balance and fight, people caught us in the middle of laughing fits. Exactly! How fun this game is, and we all know laughter is contagious. One suggestion, I would say you can add the player’s name on the fighter’s head, or we can pick our own plane. Other than this, the game is perfect and a total go-to. There is no storyline to this game, and for me, that’s the attraction of this game.



This is a mini fighting haul where two-block figures are robots, fighting with each other. An amazing timepass is available on both OS i.e., Android and iOS. And guess what this game is for everyone, no age limit.

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