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Temple Run 2

Size: 78M
Release Date: 2013-01-23


Temple Run 2 Review:

Gameplay Temple Run 2 is the second part of an excellent runner game temple run. In this game, you have to run through amazing high-quality colorful locations to collect coins. The game will play for an archaeologist who was looking for artifacts and woke up an ancient idol. Now this monster will chase him, and you help this character not to fall into his paws. The game has the classic gameplay of an endless racer. Avoid obstacles, take care of traps, jump, and slide, while collecting game currency. The coins are needed for the purchasing of game ammunition, various booster, and for upgrading the skills of our hero. Of course, you can buy other heroes for gold, their skills are almost the same for everyone, but the difference is in the appearance. Temple Run 2 is one of the best endless running game. While you're completing the mining adventure with a rail car, take the cable car down the mountain outside. The dynamic environment has many gold coins to collect. Via an in-game shop, various boosts are available to help you escape. To activate a force, press your touchscreen twice while in a level. Graphics The graphics in Temple Run 2 for Android are excellent, there are many picturesque locations, and you will play in dark mines, ancient, multi-level temples, run along the coast of the oceans, and so on. Generally, the game is perfect, the most important thing is that there are progress and diversity, so you won't be bored. The new winter world is called "Frozen Shadows" and comes with lots of snow and ice. All graphics have been revised and adapted to the current season. Among other things, you have to steer a racing sled through an ice channel, and there are also new outfits and challenges. Nothing has changed in the game principle; only the environment is unique and forces you to play again. Control Temple Run 2 continues to run as far as possible without hitting against objects or falling into the deep ditch. You can use your device to tilt your character in the appropriate direction, swipe on display to change the course of the path, or slide under danger. You can unlock more characters by in-app purchases, and there are also diamonds or a coin doubler. Temple Run 2 android has more than five hundred million fans. The theme of the game is quite simple, and at the same time, the rather complicated gameplay will not let the player get bored. The main character is a real tomb raider who was not lucky enough to stumble upon an ancient monster guarding countless treasures, and now he needs to escape to survive. Jump over the abyss, avoid obstacles, and collect jewels along the way. The game has a vast variety of bonuses, a combo system, as well as original characters with unique skills. The unique 3D display takes the game to a new level—active control grants you to dip yourself in the kingdom of adventure completely.



I love this game and play this game for several hours. The free-to-play game belongs to the genre of the so-called endless runners. This allows you to repeat a level at any time and improve your rating. If you want to crack the high score of your teammates, play this game. Different rewards allow you to show your skills.

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