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World of Tanks Blitz

Size: 136M
Release Date: 2014-12-03


World of Tanks Blitz Review:

Hello, all gaming community! Welcome aboard to another exciting gaming episode. Why an exciting gaming episode? What’s so exciting? Humm, it’s an interesting question, and we’ve got big news for you. Vola! What’s that? Hey, it’s about the new mobile game, World of Tanks Blitz. Ok, then what’s so exciting about the World of Tanks Blitz? Well, it’s one of the best mobile-action games of the year! Yes, you’ve heard it correctly. Indeed, we will play it together and then write about the World of Tanks Blitz Game Honest Review. But, before that, let’s dive into the gaming world and find out some interesting facts. We are good at it, huh! Cool! Do you remember playing any MMO shooter game on your mobile device? If you can’t remember, don’t worry! You’ll be playing the biggest game of the year! Yes, it’s the World of Tanks Blitz. Thus, you participate in one of the world’s most significant tank battles and combat opponents. Hey, only in the gaming world, haha! You’ll be beginning the gameplay with extraordinary action. That’s super-exciting! We can see over four million enthusiastic gamers voted with positive reviews. Vola! Is that all? No, there’s one more big news, and it’s for gaming installs. You can find a massive number of over a hundred million installs. Also, you can find the latest gaming version already released and updated by the developers. What else? Well, it’s about the gaming size. You’ve to keep at least 150MB of free space on your device. That’s not a big deal! Let’s dive in with the gameplay and review this exciting game. We’re super-excited, aren’t you too? Gameplay Review Do you know that you’ll be combating vehicles from World War II? Yes, that’s the first point of attraction in this MMO shooter tank game. But, as you load the game and enter the battlefield, you’ll remain thrilled to find massive tanks. Wow! They’re gigantic and fully loaded too! Soon, you’ll realize that you’ve entered into a 7x7 gaming zone. But, hey, you’ve to play and destroy deadly tanks. Indeed, you’ll be combating global players during the gameplay. It’s an online tank shooting game full of thrill and deadly action. But, don’t worry! You’ll find a large number of vehicles on your bucket list. They’re over four hundred, and you can choose your preferred tank. Yet, you’ve to keep in mind that Tier 1 Tanks and Tier X vehicles are alike. Thus, you’ve to choose carefully. Also, you’ll get complete options and the flexibility to customize your vehicle. You can choose the perfect gun, change it, and equip your vehicle with modern equipment. But, hey, don’t forget to switch on the camouflaging trick. It’ll increase your chance of survival during head-on combat. Thus, you’ll continue with the gameplay and move on to the next level. Indeed, you’ll find every gaming level challenging and equally rewarding. Hey, there’s a tough challenge, and you’ve to collect rewards and stay stronger. But, we know you can do it! So, start your engine and continue playing this unique tank challenge game. Graphics Review Undoubtedly, the developers did an excellent job with the gaming UI. It has incredible graphics that make you feel like you’re playing an original battle. We’ve reviewed it and will give total points. Sound Review The gaming sound always plays a critical role in any mobile game. Indeed, World of Tanks Blitz surpassed the expectations of gamers. You’ll stay addicted for hours with the power-packed sound. But, of course, full credits too! Control Review It’s easy to play the World of Tanks Blitz game on your mobile device. You can swap and move your hands to drive-pass the obstacles. But, hey, don’t ignore the on-screen instructions and tips, huh! Replay Value It’s a fascinating game and attracted a massive player base globally. Indeed, tons of gaming components will increase your gameplay engagement. Vola! We’ll give full credits and a high replay value.



You’ve played many tank shooting games. Indeed, the android market is full of such games. But, you’ll not find a game like the World of Tanks Blitz. It’s unique in style, gaming interface, and levels. You’ll never feel bored, and we bet it! Hey, what’s stopping you from downloading and playing the biggest tank game of the year? It’s free!

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