Crowd City
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Hey, Gamers! It’s time to play an arcade game - Crowd City. The main gaming idea is to run around the town and build a large team by eliminating other players. What did you say, arcade games? You must be thinking when the gaming market is full of MOBA and thrilling FPS games, why to play arcade games? Humm, if you’re thinking similarly, that’s not correct, why? Let’s explore Crowd City, a massively popular arcade game for your mobile devices. It’s free to download from both the Android and iOS stores. Until date, there are over a hundred million installs; that’s an incredible number! Cool! But what’s there special in it? Is it an addictive game? Don’t worry! We’ll address all of these questions one after the other. But, before we take a walk through the game, let’s get down to its technical features. It’s a reasonably light game and fits into your phone even if the memory is less than 60 MB; that’s good! Also, the developed VOODOO added a few additional features in the latest March update. Those are to give you enhanced gaming experience. Ok, now let’s dive in straight and explore this game with regards to Gameplay, Visuals, and controls. Gameplay After launching the game, you’ll find a nice and clean screen, that’s the main gaming screen. Click on the play button and select your player’s skin. You’ll find a menu popping up with lots of colorful skins; that’s your cool little Avatar. You’ll be able to unlock other skins as you progress the gaming levels. So, select the Avatar and click Play to start an incredible addictive journey! So what happens next? Well, you’ve to run around the town and reach out to other people who will be joining your team. You’ll enjoy the way your team size grows and multiplies quickly; that’s incredibly fun. It’s a game full of color and colorful objects. You’ll find your opponents sometimes in red, green, or other colors. Run behind, chase them, and touch, the member joins you immediately. That’s how you make your team large, incredibly easy, but super-addictive! As the game progresses, you’ll find exciting characters like - snake, ants, and others. Run behind them and ensure that you’ve got a large team of players. The more players you’ve, the better are your chances to win! However, make sure that your opponent should never have a bigger team than yours, or they’ll kill you. Visuals Of course, you’ll love playing Crowd City for hours for its stunning visuals. Don’t compare them with any 3D FPS or MOBA games. As a free-to-download addictive game, the developers did decent work in that. It’s clean and good enough to keep you engaged for hours. Controls It’s one of the most accessible games if we talk about the authorities. Keep taping the Avatar with your hand in the desired direction, and it’ll continue running, that’s incredibly fun! Final Verdict After playing Crowd City for a couple of hours, we’re delighted with our gaming experience. For the gameplay, story, graphics, and overall gaming speed, it’s a thumbs up! What’s your openion? Get hands-on experience, download and play this beautiful game; you’ll love it, we bet!

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