Toca Kitchen 2
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Hey, Gamers! Is becoming a Master Chef your dream? Well, to do that, you've to practice and increase your cooking skills. So, if cooking is your passion, play Toca Kitchen 2. It's a fantastic fun-filled interactive game, and on the top, it's free. It's a kid's game and for all aspiring chefs! Therefore, you or your kids will have extended hours of gaming sessions, full of fun and unlimited entertainment, and we bet that! We'll take a walk through this beautiful game and even play it along, but before that, let's find out something interesting about its technical aspects. In the play store, it's a game under the editor's choice. Furthermore, over 1.3 million players reviewed it positively so far. Also, there're over a hundred million installs until today; it's one of the top-ranking games in the app and play store. It's a light game, and the installation will not take over 60 MB of your phone's memory. Great! It's now time for Gameplay! Gameplay The game begins with an exciting and engaging story. Although the developer Toca Boca claims this to be a kid's game, it's liked by adults alike, why? It's incredibly appealing! So, what's exactly you've to do? Well, you're the Chef, so the kitchen is under your control. You've to prepare various tasty dishes and innovate unique recipes to feed your guests. Well, you'll have an option to choose your guests. You'll find three exciting characters to begin with and continue an exciting cooking journey. You'll find yourself standing amidst a fully-equipped kitchen. Next up: A refrigerator loaded with a wide range of food items, kitchen equipment, serving plates, and cutleries. So, it's your turn to mix various things and prepare unique dishes to delight your guests. Try and prepare a chicken salad, boiled corn soup, grilled chicken, fish, or maybe a yummy burger; they're to delight your guests. You'll love moving the raw ingredients from one place to the other and switch on the appropriate kitchen appliances to start your cooking. Cut a potato and make tasty fries, sprinkle some salt and pepper on top, it tastes excellent; Wow! It should be a reaction from your guests. Keep an eye and observe your guests, making funny expressions. That's incredibly fun. So, once you're done feeding a character, choose another and continue feeding your guests with new innovative recipes. Keep counting your guest's reactions, the more positive responses you get, the better it's for you to become a master chief! Visuals It's a simple game but comes with interactive elements and characters. You'll enjoy the way they make faces if your food tastes terrible and great alike. It's backed up by engaging soundtracks and funny sounds; that's hugely engaging. Controls You'll love the game as it has simple controls, mostly with the on-screen displays. So, keep playing and enjoy the game. Final Verdict There're some games where hands-on experience is a must to enjoy it. Of course, Toca Kitchen 2 tops the list in that case. We'd loved playing it for a couple of hours and enjoyed our Gameplay. No doub's it's a time-pass game, so download, play, and cook great food in the virtual world.

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