My Talking Tom 2
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My talking tom 2 is the updated version of my talking tom. This game or better to say Outfit7 develops a virtual pet emulator. My Talking Tom 2 is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. The minimum operating system version for the android mobile device is 4.4. Game size for android devices is almost 107Mb. Gameplay This is not a game; it is an emulator for a virtual pet. Tom is your person cat, which also can talk to you and can also play different mini-games with you. When you start the game after installing it, the game first asks for your date of birth for policy reasons. After that, a package hanging with a balloon is going toward your house, and in the park of your home, it will be dropped. This is our talking tom. When the box is open, tom comes out. Not entirely, you need to swipe up to get it from the table. The basic idea behind this game is that it is your pet, and you have to care for it as you do in real life. You have to keep in mind its sleeping time, its hunger and eating, clothing and cleanliness, and also mood. Yes, you need to keep your pet happy all the time. If it is not, then your pet behaves like rude. To make it glad you can play with your pet. Mini-games are introduced in this second version. Like puzzle games, hair cutting games, and many more like this. In this version of talking tom 2, there is a long list of toys and other stuff that can be applied to your pet to make it more beautiful and happy. Clothing stuff is looking very nice. You can unlock it with coins when you play the game with your pet; then it will get coins and magic boxes. From the magic boxes, you get a massive amount of coins stars. With these coins and start buying new clothes and a toy for your pet. One major difference between previous and this version is that tom isn’t only petted with you can play. There are five more that can be chosen to play. Visual Effect In this version, you can hit, pick, and do many other things with your pet. The effects and graphics are smoother and nicely designed. You can play games with your pet within the game or virtual pet simulator. Many other toys and pets are added with their clothing and visual stuff. Control The control of this game is effortless. If you are playing this game the first time than it will guide you with visual instruction. To apply any new cloth or toy on your pet, you only need to tap on it. If you want to pick you tom up, swipe up, and it will be with your finger. In short, control is effortless and easy. Final Words Finally, I want to say that if you like to keep pets but no time. Then you should try this pet game. It looks very similar to your real-life pets. And please let us know in a comment how much you like this game.

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