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Roblox is a free online multiplayer game for mobile and computer. In graphics, it is very similar to Minecraft. Although the characters remember those of LEGO. It was launched in 2006 and currently has more than 70 million users. It's not just a game; it is actually a complete gaming universe. An online platform that hosts hundreds of games, many of them generated by the users themselves. Its other feature is that it is designed, built and maintained for children; while everyone can play, but most of their users are between 8 and 12 years old. Gameplay After downloading you sign up to create an account. First, it only asks you to make a nickname, a password and a date of birth. After you create your avatar and customize it to your liking, you are provided with a small property in the Roblox universe and a toolbox where you can store the items you purchase. The idea from here is that you begin to enter worlds, the "games within the game", or that you create your own. Roblox game allow you to create your own virtual worlds for role-playing games or compete with other users in mini-games. Graphics In Graphics and many game elements, Roblox game is similar to the famous Minecraft game: the same simple angular graphics, the same square leg-like characters and very similar features. The game launched in 2006, a few years before Minecraft, but gained real popularity only when mobile phones and tablets became an ordinary toy in the hands of a child. To run Roblox, the player must be over seven years old. But this rule applies only to the basic assembly of the game, and even a baby can enter the versions created by the players themselves. Roblox Interface Consider the service interface: Five main tabs are available at the bottom of the screen: Home - go to the main screen, where the last launched mini-games are displayed, the Share button (share news with friends). Games - in this tab you can see the available mini-games. There are a lot of games. Avatar - the avatar settings window, where you can set the appearance of your own character by choosing a hairstyle, clothes, physique, facial expressions and even motion animation (running, jumping, slow walking). Chat - in this tab you can chat with friends. More - a tab with different settings and additional functions. Controls The worlds are created with blocks of different sizes and materials, such as LEGO, and then you can share them with other users and friends. In this game, there are many games or "worlds" created by players manually. As the tools are similar, the environments of each one can be similar, but the experiences are different. Thus, you can find a game like, a journey in a cave or a castle with a monster that chases you. The features are almost unlimited. From the platform, in fact, they encourage children to enter Roblox Studio, the game development environment, to believe more. While the Roblox game is free, there are paid subscription offers to improve the experience. These include premium avatar updates, creating groups, being able to sell or exchange items and removing advertisements, among other advantages. There is also a currency in the application, called "Robux", which is earned mostly through purchase with real money. The Robux allows you to get better customizations, special themed clothing packs, get various construction materials and tools, and gain special skills for the avatar. Roblox is designed to be a complete and safe place for children to collect, play and communicate with each other. It focuses on creativity and construction. The co-founders of the platform develop Roblox 13 years ago as educational software because children can use the tools to imagine and create all kinds of immersive experiences. The youngest can start playing with their first notions of programming to adapt the functions of each piece when they build worlds. In fact, its developers say that it is an educational platform based on the theory of "constructionism" , which argues that children learn best in active design and construction roles and that this learning is accelerated in public communities. Features •You are not alone now! Play with your friends a large amount of a wide variety of games. •Create your own games, practice design, write scripts for games, and try your skills and abilities! •Chat with people from all over the world - of all ages and nationalities, make new friends, and learn a lot! •Now you will never be bored - you can always find the game "to your choice", as well as spend time with friends from Roblox. •You do not need a heavy computer for this online game - enjoy multiplayer even with a regular laptop! •No way to use a pc? Play using the Android / Apple platform. •Create unique images for your character, join interest groups, leave links to social networks, etc. In general, communicate!

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