Kick the Buddy
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Hey, gamers! Don’t show anger on your real buddy, why? Well, there’s an exciting game available out there for that! Sounds interesting, correct? Well, if you feel like hitting your friend to release stress, play - Kick the Buddy. It’s an action-packed, intense, thrilling game available right on your mobile devices. In this game, you’ll meet with your virtual friend and hit him by different means. Why don’t you try it and enjoy how you feel in the virtual world? Good News is, it’s available for free download from both android and iOs store. Therefore, let’s explore the game and its different aspects. Hold on! Let’s learn about the technical aspects before we move on. There’s no doubt that it’s a unique interactive game from the developer Playgendary; not lost amidst other millions of matches, why? Over 2.4 million positive reviews and 100 million installs are solid proof. What else? Nothing, as it’s playtime! We’ll now review it with regards to the gameplay, visuals, and controls. Let’s begin... Gameplay The game begins with your buddy, an annoying sack-boy, as the primary gaming character. Your main task is to hit and punish him in multiple ways. You’ll be surprised to see the vast collection of weapons to do that. So, choose your favorite gun; the buddy is ready to take the pain. You’ll enjoy playing this game for extended hours as it’s super-addictive. You can explode, fire, smash, and even use a grenade launcher to hit your buddy. You’ll have access to powerful weapons to do so. You’ll love the way your buddy will keep poking and challenging you. He’ll also make funny gestures, and you’ll like them. While you continue playing, you’ll earn gold and money as a reward. You’ll need them to buy blood for your buddy and keep him alive. Your weaponry collection includes grenades, firearms, and even biological weapons. That’s incredible. You’ll discover an overwhelming category of over sixteen different weapons. If you explore each of them, you’ll find more than twenty individual weapons in each of the classes. All of these firearms are to smack down your puppet; that’s crazy, huh! You’ll love to do that, as the money count will start tickling positively. The addictive part of the game is, even after you do everything, the buddy is back. He’ll tell you that he is scared, but don’t listen! Hit him with a weapon of your choice. Don’t worry! You’ll find him back in a while. Visuals You’ll enjoy the gaming visuals as they are precise with a beautiful and clean gaming surface. You’ll also love the way this virtual doll will interact. Furthermore, the developers did an excellent work with the gaming background sound. They’re extraordinarily addictive and engaging. Controls It’s a tap-and-play game, and that’s a cool thing! It makes the gameplay even more exciting and engaging. Final Verdict We played this game for a few hours. We’re impressed with the overall gaming walkthrough, and it comes with a beautiful gaming background, interactive characters, and engaging scenes. So, we give it a thumbs up! What about you? Play it and enjoy the gameplay yourself.

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