Love Balls
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The studio, Lion Gates, has brought this fun game for all you. A lovey-dovey theme of this game keeps you hooked with it. Available on both operating systems i.e., Android and iOS. This game is for teens, so if you are above 12, welcome to the world of love balls. Guess what? This game is free to play. Gameplay The game revolves around two balls i.e., blue and pink. You have to bring them closer by drawing a line. The game is downloaded from either app store and lets the fun start. In the beginning, you will be guided with a mini-tutorial that helps you to draw the line and bring the balls closer. Love Balls will be requiring a more complex thought process along the game progresses. This addictive game allows you to apply your imaginations and bring the balls together. You have to think of the smallest possible way to create the bridge between two: lesser the ink, more chance of better scores, and higher the rank. You can watch ads to earn more coins to beat the levels. The complexity of each level is different, but the goal remains the same to bring the balls closer so that they can touch since they are in LOVE. In some of the levels, balls will move as soon as you stopped drawing the lines, but in others, you have to illustrate a starting point. The starting point will initiate the ball motion. Many cases will require you to draw two lines that bring the balls together. Also, you can always restart the level if you are stuck or any other idea in your mind. You can earn coins and get new pens. Visual Visually attractive game with simple graphics due to the color theme, which is adorable. All the shapes are refined, and even the ways you draw are perfect. The lucky wheel is an excellent concept and full of colors. The notepad and pes are beautiful and go perfectly with the theme of doodling. When the balls meet, there come animated hearts. Control Control of this game matters a lot as you are going to make a path to bring balls closer. The pen motion is synchronous with your touch to the screen. Even a bit can cause creating a dot, so you have to be careful while drawing as this the control is sensitive to touch. Final verdict This game captures you the whole, and I challenge my husband on this game score, especially while we are traveling this is our go o game in the plane. This game requires physics concepts along with the fun, so you cant think that you are wasting time; instead, you are investing well in your brain growth. Also, the spin wheel is my favorite. I would suggest adding more features like the option of adding another ball. Overall, this is a good timepass. I target to score high and share it with my friends on social media.

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