Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is an endless action-packed runner game developed by Sega. The basic idea of ​​this game is to complete the stage in the shortest possible time, complete all the tasks, collect rings, and avoid barriers mines and enemies. Sonic Dosh 2 has the same gameplay elements as its sequel Sonic Dash. The gameplay is lovely and attractive, which hides many secrets and mysteries. You can download Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom on Mobile (IOS and Android) for free from our website. Gameplay Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is a cool game for fans of Sonic, the hedgehog, a sequel of the endless runner for android. In this part, you will explore a new colorful world with fun adventures, where you will face familiar characters and new friends of Sonic. Run, jump, and apply the unique skills of each hero to overcome all obstacles. All players have access to the company mode, in which you can change your character during the game to get more bonuses. Control In Sonic Dash, you start running with Sonic. Later on, you can unlock other characters like Sticks, Amy, Tai, and Knuckles by redeeming it with the coins you get. In this game, the controls that you usually find in endless runner games will still be used here. Swipe to the right and left functions to move between lines; in total, there are three lines. Swipe up to jump and swipe down to do a typical sonic roll. Swipe down can be a powerful weapon at the same time to kill enemies. Besides collecting the rings on the way, you will also face various obstacles such as gaps between the tracks, animals that block, and many dangerous objects such as the big nails typical of the sonic game. Different typical elements of Sonic the Hedgehog can also be found here. Like the thrower that you usually find in the Sega game first. This ejection has different rewards, and you can see the prize through the screen above the eviction. Usually, two types of rewards that I often find are a shield for storing all the rings that you have collected before and also a robot dance that requires you to follow every swipe movement provided. Another Sonic element that you will find is a spinning track that contains coins along the way. The rings that you collect will later fill a bar in the lower right of the screen. When the bar is full, you can tap on the bar, and soon Sonic will fly no matter what object is in front for a specified period. Usually, you will find many types of power-ups in an endless runner game, but in Sonic Dash 2, you will only find five types of power-ups, which are Enerbeam, Magnet, Score Double, Shield, and Super Ring. Various side missions are also provided, such as killing ten crabs by rolling or also collecting 50 thousand points in one go. Every time you successfully carry out this mission, you will get XP that is used to level up, the more level up, the higher the Character Score Multipliers. You will also get a Red Star Ring, which is the second currency in this game, can be used to buy characters and skip missions. Graphics The graphics used in Sonic Dash 2 are very fresh and unusual. The 3D display is well arranged and filled with bright colors. The track design is not only flat but also has a track that rotates, tilts, and more. The soundtrack of the game is exceptional and can be enjoyed to play this game over and over. Overall the display is quite well and fantastic.

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