Grand Theft Auto III
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Grand Theft Auto 3 is a crime-themed action game developed by Rockstar. In the game, players play criminal roles in the city and complete a series of tasks to improve their strength. Gameplay Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all started. In the game, players will get vehicles, ships and other vehicles. The vehicle has no classification and no reinforcement. The vehicle itself has durability, collision volume, and has a corresponding passenger capacity. When the player character is in the vehicle, all attacks will be undertaken by the vehicle. The game control interface has two kinds of normal interface and driving interface. In the normal interface, the player can only walk freely, enter the mission point, and attack freely. In the driving interface, the player can control the vehicle to shoot freely to both sides. Under normal circumstances, the player cannot drive a vehicle to enter the mission point. There are three scenes in Grand Theft Auto 3 game. Each scene has many small tasks. These tasks must be completed before entering the next scene. But this game also has some small games, you can relax after completing the task. Game screen The game screen is real and lifelike, and the characters depicted are also lifelike. Players can do whatever they want in this city. Game control There is a new way of touch operation in the game. Players can use USB handles or touch buttons to operate and move more smoothly. There is no doubt that this game can consume countless game time. Game Music The background music comes from English songs. There seems to be a lot of songs, there should be more than a dozen. Anyway, as long as you get in the car, the background music will automatically come out. It's that simple. In summary The game maintains a high degree of freedom, and the diverse tasks are unstoppable! There are many ways to complete the task, if you like this game, don't miss it.

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