Subway Princess Runner
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Subway Princess Runner is a very famous game. This type of game is liked by almost all types of people. This is the best game for time pass. There are many challenges in this game. Complete the given challenges to move towards the next challenge. It’s a free-running game which is available on both android and iOS platform. You can download this game at no cost from Google Playstore. This game is offered by Ivy Mobile. Ivy Mobile created this excellent game for you. This game was updated last time on March 23, 2020. After its release, more than 100 million people install this game. More than 100 million is a very huge number. This happened only due to its excellent features. Before moving towards gameplay experience, we’ll look at the technical aspects of Subway Princess Runner – a free-running, awards collection game. To play the game, some gaming resources are needed. Subway Princess Runner needed 59 MB of space on your device’s memory, that’s excellent! Subway Princess Runner was updated last time on March 23, 2020. Developers, after adding some new features and resources have released its latest version. This game also offers you a purchase feature. By using this feature, you can purchase new features for your game. We’ll not discover Subway Princess Runner in the perspectives of Controls, Visuals, and Gameplay. But we’ll explore what is the reason that makes Subway Princess Runner distinctive among other games. Gameplay Developers of Subway Princess Runner named Ivy Mobile tried their best to develop a wonderful game for you. Download and install this game first. Then Launch this game. Good!! When you launch this game, you will see an interactive screen. Then click on the go button to continue. The policeman will run behind you to capture. Run faster to escape from the policeman. In this game, there are many awards available. List of available features are as follows: Collect the gold coins to increase your overall score. If you collect magnet then all the coins will automatically come towards you and make increment in your overall score. You can also take the benefit from the skateboard feature. Just double click on the screen, the skateboard will appear on the screen. Click on the skateboard to move Princess on the skateboard. Princess will run on the forest, City, and Snow Subway. Complete given missions to move towards the next missions. Visuals Now we will talk about the visuals of the game. Visuals are 3D, bright, and beautiful. Subway Princess Runner is an amazing running game. This is the best one to keep you busy in free time. This game has fast loading. Background music and scenes are attractive. Controls The controls of this game are very simple. To make your princess jump above the hurdles just swipe upward, and to move your princess from beneath the hurdles swipe downward. Controls are very easy and simple. Final Verdict After playing Subway Princess Runway, I felt very good. I play this game many times a day. I never felt bored while playing. The loading speed of the resources is excellent. To enjoy this game, download, install and play this outstanding game.

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