Subway Surfers
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Subway Surfers lets you immerse yourself in endless runner gameplay experience, where you will control a character escaping from a police officer who is willing to catch for painting a railroad. With beautiful music and detailed graphics, get ready to involve yourself in avoiding hurdles, barriers, and moving trains for endless hours like never before. Somehow, you could compare this game with Temple Run and Mad Granny just because of having endless running genre and third-person perspective. Still, Subway Surfers offer you next-gen gameplay with exciting features like unique power-ups, several cities to explore, increasing difficulty, and different versions. With over 30 Million +ve Reviews and over 1 Billion downloads, Subway Surfers has proved itself as the world’s best Endless Runner Game. Gameplay – Polish Your Running Skills Find yourself controlling a graffiti artist, who needs to run through beautiful railroad tracks to escape from an angry inspector after being caught in the act of applying graffiti to a railway. The police inspector has a dog who also chases you to capture. As you run through the railroads you will gather coins and unique power-ups that will boost your performance along the way, meanwhile avoiding obstacles and dodging the collisions with both steady and moving trains. Once you start running, there’s no option to stop, but to collide and let the police inspector catch you. Lots of playable characters are there, but a few were unlocked to select to start the game. Gather Keys to Revive Yourself You can relive yourself after the collision from trains or any other objects using A Blue Key. You have two options to collect the said keys, such as purchase a bungle of keys using real-world cash, or obtain them by merely completing objectives assigned you by the game. Put your quick reflexes and running skills to test in this endless runner game and record your highest scores to challenge your friends. Tapping two times on the screen will grant you a hover-board for a limited time, which will help in case of collision from the train because it helps you in saving your life and will continue the game where you end. Lots of special events help every week that may result in in-game rewards and characters. Visuals – High Detailed Graphics You won’t believe if you’re new to this game, it runs smoothly on a small screen and provides you exciting gameplay like never. The introduction of detailed graphics will never get you bored, and every time you come to play, there’s something new awaits you. Whether you are willing to play this game on your handheld devices or tablets, the game will share with you similar gaming experience. It may be run slowing in extra small devices, because of the lack of RAM, although it doesn’t require high RAM. The main reason for remaining in the first position over casual games is because of introducing the fabulous shows, textures, smooth lightning, and more. Controls – One-finger Controls Subway Surfers has introduced decent controls that are quite easy to remember and learn, and it seemed usable. Now, all endless gaming experience is at your fingertip. With the use of one-finger control, you can master all complex tasks and can easily overcome all hurdles. Swipe right or left to move your character accordingly and swipe up your finger to make your character jump while swiping the finger down, let you slide your character to avoid or overcome barriers.

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