Kick the Buddy: Forever
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Great News for iPhone Users! Kick the Buddy: Forever is back to give you an ultimate gaming experience like never before. What’s this game is all about? It’s a game that’ll help you to release stress: how? Well, you’ll meet your buddy, the unbreakable puppet for that. For a hands-on experience, let’s play it together and explore. But, let’s get an overview of this exciting game before we move on. Since it’s release, millions of players reviewed it positively as it’s an extremely addictive game. It’s lightweight, loads fast and doesn’t take much of your phone’s memory. However, for a smooth gameplay experience, you’ve to have an apple gadget upgraded with iOS 9 or later. The game also provides options for in-app purchases of its gaming assets, but who cares! Let’s play this thrilling game and find out how your buddy can entertain you and release your stress too! We’ll review it with regards to the gameplay, visuals, and controls; Let’s play! Gameplay Knock! Knock! Who’s there? It’s your buddy, the funny and adorable puppet. It’s how the game begins as you load it on your gadget. Someone delivers a box at your doorstep, and after unboxing it, guess what’s inside? It’s your adorable buddy, the cute puppet! Now, what to do with it? You’ll find your buddy poking you and make you feel angry. Well, there’s no need to control your anger. Why? That’s the fun in this incredible game - Kick the Buddy. So, as the name suggests, the action begins! You earn points by hitting your buddy! You’ll get more rewards by hitting and teasing your buddy in multiple ways. How to do that? Don’t worry! You’ll find tons of tools and weapons popping into the screen for that. Your buddy will not keep quiet, rather keep talking to you in an incredible humorous tone. So, what do you do next? Select a deadly weapon - yah, and it’s Chainsaw! Will it make your buddy scared? Oh! No! He’s not frightened, but, you’ve to make every attempt to hit him with that. As you make him fall flat on the ground, you’ll earn a reward! Next up: Buddy’s notebook, an exciting place full of crazy stuff that you’ve to use to dress up your buddy; you’ll love to see him dancing as you dress him up! That’s incredibly fun to watch, huh! Explore more and choose deadly fire weapons, hand grenades, and even atomic weapons to blow out your buddy; Hey! Don’t worry, and he’s immortal. You’ll see him laughing and dancing as you move up to the next level. As you continue playing, you’ll unlock powerful weapons and exciting characters. That’s incredibly fun! Visuals Kick the Buddy: Forever comes with stunning gaming visuals and extraordinary gaming sounds. They are incredibly addictive and will keep you engaged for extensive gaming sessions; we’ve experienced that after playing it for over a few hours. Controls It’s a simple game with basic controls, mostly tap-and-go. You’ll never find any difficulty exploring the game controls. Final Verdict If we give our final verdict after playing Kick the Buddy: Forever for over a couple of hours, it’s a thumbs up from our side. The developers designed it flawlessly, and you’ll love playing every single level of this game. So, why are you waiting? Download and Play Kick the Buddy: Forever; it’s Free!

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