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Minecraft is one of the most popular games in current existence and is perhaps, one of the most popular games to have ever existed. Naturally, the game has been released on almost every platform there is. However, they usually have slightly different names to highlight what version of the game it is. There is Minecraft VR Edition, Minecraft for Raspberry Pi, Minecraft for PC and Consoles, Minecraft Education Edition, and also Minecraft Pocket Edition. And that's without including the Hololens version and thinking about the future of the game. That's many versions of the same game! However, the most popular versions are for PC, Console and Mobile. Is the Mobile edition of Minecraft as good as the original PC one, however? Gameplay The standard gameplay of Minecraft Pocket Edition is what you would expect. It's full of crafting, mining, farming, building, and combat, just like standard Minecraft. Pocket Edition is pretty much the same as Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition for PC so they can feel very interchangeable. However, both versions are different from the original Java Edition of Minecraft, which is considered the "true" PC version. In plain English, the mobile edition feels a lot like the new PC version of Minecraft that's available on the Windows Store. Minecraft: PE might be for mobiles, but it still has Survival Mode, Creative Mode, and Multiplayer as well! However, the Multiplayer option in this game works with invite-only, so you only play with other people that you know. This also makes it more child-friendly since it's only possible to play with friends and those who share invite codes with you. Additionally, there is an official subscription-based service for hosting servers. This allows everyone to make their own "Realm" which is exclusive to friends, and it also includes pre-made templates for adventure maps, minigames, and a lot more. There are some minor differences between Pocket Edition and the correct PC version, however, such as Huge Mushrooms naturally generating in Swamp biomes and an Old world type where the Nether Portal and End Portals cannot be activated. The differences between the versions of Minecraft are all very small, and the development team has taken great care to ensure that the gameplay is consistent across all versions. Visual There isn't much to comment on about the visuals. The classic Minecraft graphics style we all know and love is seen in all versions of the game, including the mobile version. Visually, the Pocket Edition is identical to the PC and console versions of Minecraft. The only difference is the fact that the controls are on the screen as well and take up a portion of whatever side it's on. The controls are translucent so you can still see them and also what's behind them on the screen, which is very useful. As a bonus, there are different options in the settings you can use to personalize how the game looks visually. This includes an option for a "Pocket" or "Classic" UI so you can change the looks a little bit plus, there are some texture packs you can download to change how the game itself looks. This is great if you mostly build one style of building, want to enhance a few things, or make everything look super realistic or cute. Controls The controls feel quite different from using a keyboard and mouse or a controller. There are directional arrows on the screen that players use to walk around their world and another button that is used for jumping. You will also find that most of the other controls are tap-based. To mine or destroy an item, you need to tap the target and hold it until it's destroyed, whereas to place something, you tap it where you want it to go. These controls will take some getting used to as there's a lot to remember. Tapping an item in your Hotbar will put it in your hand, but holding that tap will make you drop the item instead. It might get a little frustrating at first, but after a while, the controls do become much easier to use. They are precisely what you would expect from a mobile version of Minecraft.

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