Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game
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Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game is, without any doubt, is the best for everyone. This game is full of colors and brings a smile on your face. This is available on both OS i.e., iOS and Android. Cute expressions of all the minions make you keep going and wants you to play more. Gameplay This game is a run to play the game. After installing, click on the icon and start your venture. The game begins with asking you your age as this game is for above ten years olds. A mini-tutorial will guide you on how to run, collect bananas, jump, or slide. Gameplay has three lanes in it, and swiping causes you to move to the next track, slide, or jump. As you have seen, the movie minions eat bananas, so here there are many bananas scattered all over the place, which is like currency for you. While running, there will be other minions who take there turns and run further. Also, you will get power-ups, but make sure to collect these popups. With bananas, you can update your minion. For example, after passing the first game, I got a referee costume for my minion. The whole game is completing missions and over 900 million players' families. Visual It's a beautiful game, and the main reason is the graphics. You are popping colors and animations, moving here and there. The minions are well created, giving them unique personalities and voices. You will love the silly expressions of minions. Also, you will see other characters in the movie while giving you messages and mission commands. Sometimes you will see Guru sending the controls to your minion. Control Running game is all about controlling features. Features are correctly implemented; you can move right and left across the lanes. The jump is smoothly done, and there are no glitches or lags. When minion starts running at that time, changing lane is challenging, but this game has proven everything is perfect. Gameplay indicates as long as you survive, the faster the minion will run. So you have to move your fingers rapidly until you win it or lose it. So I would say the control has its style and beauty, thanks to the coder who made it possible to run swiftly. It supports motion controls as well. On sliding along the track, you can always control your movement. Final Verdict This is a simple fun game where minion runs and runs, also collect their favorite bananas on their way. You can unlock many elements, costumes, and skills for a minion. It's exciting to play with my kids, who love it in their break time. The game has a token that you can always buy with real cash to upgrade your experience. This game is an addiction for weekends we have mini-tournaments with our kids who can beat the scores. Overall the game has a very happy vibe that makes us laugh. Minions, no doubt, are my kid's fav cartoon character.

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