Clash of Clans
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Clash of Clans available on both IOS and Android was a staple in the early eras of mobile gaming and continues to leave a giant impact today. A clean visual game focused on gathering resources, unleashing troops on enemies, and leaving your enemies in shambles after clan wars. With its continuous resource gathering mechanic, Clash of Clans left consumers begging for more. How does Clash of Clans stand up to its modern counterparts today? Gameplay Clash of Clans sparked the popularity of base defending, attacking strategy mobile games in the early 2010s. With its freemium model, and simple user interface configurations, players can hop into the game with ease. Clash of Clans starts the player off as a village chief, where one must build up their base through raiding other villages. Overtime resources such as gold and elixir, collected through raiding, will enable the player to upgrade their village. Typically as a beginner, the player will have troops available to them at the start, most notably the archer and barbarian. These are the starting troops that are used to dismantle the enemy. Once you destroy another base’s resource storage units, those resources will be transferred to the player’s storage allowing them to upgrade their buildings and troops. Clash of Clans is a never-ending attack and defense based game where the player continuously strives to unlock new troops, buildings, and other various upgrades. The gameplay is smooth and is great for those casually playing during their downtime. Visuals Visually, Clash of Clans is bright, vibrant, and easy to follow. Clash of Clans gives off charming, aesthetic, memorable character models that the player will not forget. Even for a game that was released in 2012, Clash of Clans has had no trouble keeping up with the modern evolution of mobile games. Although mobile gaming companies are now focused on hyper-realistic graphical eye candy, Clash of Clans enables the player to take a step back and witness simple yet memorable graphics. With a simple interface, Clash of Clans is very easy to follow, with clean obvious buttons that exactly indicate their use. Although a bit old for the market, Clash of Clans remains a memorable graphical evolution that has remained throughout the years. Controls The controls of many mobile games today are complex, with titles such as COD: Mobile, Black Desert Online Mobile, etc controls can become difficult to navigate and cluttered. Clash of Clans takes a step back with the complexity of controls, creating a transparent, easy to use interface that is easy on the eyes and not as difficult to navigate. The Controls in Clash of Clans are extremely simple, each button can be easily accessible to players of all ages. With a simple tap of a building or troop, a clean transition to the upgrade button is seamless.

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