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Home Sweet Home! We love our home, correct? It’s the place that gives us the ultimate comfort and happiness. Hey, gamers! You must be wondering why we’re talking about our home? Well, there’s more reason to smile! Haha! And what’s that? We’ll be talking about an incredible casual game, Homescapes that’ll remind you about your “Sweet Home!”; Wow! That’s astonishing news. Do you stay away from your home? Well, then, Homescapes is the ideal game for you. Why? Don’t worry! In a while, we’ll take a walk through and play it together; we’ll find out why it’s an Editor’s choice! You’ll enjoy playing it as it comes with a stunning story; that’s Austin, the butler. You must be thinking now, what’s so exciting out there? Hold on! We’re going to detail everything about Homescapes in a while. But before that, let’s get an overview of this brilliant game and it’s performance. Our first impression, there are over eight million positive reviews and over a hundred million installs. It’s the developer Playrix’s flagship game, and there’s every reason for them to boast. Indeed, these are impressive figures to get an idea about the popularity of this stunning game. But, keep at least 150 MB of memory free. What else? It’s time for Gameplay! Let’s do it then. Gameplay You’ll be thrilled as soon as the game loads up on your phone. It’ll take you back to your hometown, where you’ve your sweet home, and your parents live too. It’s Austin, the butler who’s living away from his hometown to earn a living. One day he’d get a beautiful dream about his childhood and the happiest moments that he’d ever in his life; that’s when he was enjoying a nice ride with his parents. Tring! The Alarm bell rings, and Austin woke up from sleep with those happy memories. At once, he planned a break from work and decided to travel to his childhood home; that’s where he grew up, and his parents live. You must be thinking about what’s the hack in this game, correct? Well, the excitement starts right there! After landing, he reached his family mansion to surprise his old parents, and what’d he saw? Well, as he walked inside, he found his sweet home in a messy condition. Oops! He was about to fall as he found the carpet torn off and full of dirt. Austin thought to surprise and please his old parents by renovating his childhood home; that’s an excellent idea. You’ve to play and help Austin to achieve that. Now, you’ll have to accomplish a series of tasks to help Austin earn money. That’s what he needs to purchase the new items to replace the old stuff. You’ll find exciting match-making tasks. You’ve to play smartly and accomplish each of them, so get coins and move to the next level. Next up: Solve the match-making lamp puzzle and earn money to replace the carpet. Likewise, you’ve to play continuously, solve puzzles, and unlock new chapters until you complete a makeover to your old home. Visuals It’s one of those exceptional free android mobile games with clear visuals. You’ll enjoy the lively gaming elements and characters. The developers did marvelously well for such outstanding gaming graphics. Indeed, it’s immensely addictive. Controls It’s easy to play as you’ll find self-guided gaming controls. Final Verdict After a long time, we’d enjoyed playing a free android game with many unique features. It’s beautifully designed and comes with an exciting storyline; that’s addictive too. It’s a compelling game, from sounds, visuals, and storyline alike. Thus, there’s every reason for us to give a thumbs up! What your feedback? Download it and play! We’re eager to hear.

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