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Hey, Gamers! Are you ready for an extreme gaming challenge? If the answer is yes, play Sonic Dash, why? Well, it’s a rapid-action packed game where you’ve to smack, dash and fight by running endlessly to win over the opponents. Does that sound interesting, huh? Great! It’s time to join the league and play it with other one million gamers across the globe. That’s incredible fun. But, before we move on, let’s learn more about this thrilling game. Developer SEGA must be happy seeing the enormous success of this game across all gaming platforms. It’s free to download from Android and iOS stores alike. Until now, there’re over a hundred million installs backed by nearly five million positive reviews; that’s an impressive figure. Also, it’s a light game to occupy a limited space of your phone’s memory. It’s now, playtime! Let’s start. We played Sonic Dash for several hours endlessly. It’s incredibly addictive and full of fun. Over here is our honest review with regards to the Gameplay, Visuals, and Controls. Gameplay How do you think this game will start? Well, it starts crazy and will not let your eyes go off the screen. Why? You can’t, and we bet that! Sonic Dash loads super-fast on your mobile device and will give you a non-stop gameplay experience. You’ll find yourself in a stunning 3D environment. You’ll be running to overcome all obstacles that’ll come in your way. All you need is to swipe left and right to save yourself and ensure that you don’t get hit. You’ll find yourself loaded with Sonic power and athletic abilities to run and jump at an incredible speed. What happens is, you destroy everything that comes in your way while you keep up your running speed. You’ll enjoy the incredible twists and turns in the game as the running path is not straight. You’ll find sudden loops in between; that’s incredibly challenging! It’s so exciting that you can’t even move your eyes away from the screen. You never know; the enemy team is behind you, so don’t give any chance to your opponents. It means you can’t slow down, whatever happens. There’re multiple objects that you’ve to collect to boost up your power. So, make sure that you receive them while running. Why? You’ve to fight with Dr. Eggman and Zazz, two of your toughest opponents. As you complete levels, you’ll be unlocking power-ups. These’ll help you to run fast and at an incredible speed. Visual You’ll love the gaming 3D graphics. They’re stunning and, of course, will meet your expectations. You can identify every gaming object. The background sound is also sensational. In totality, the gaming graphics will keep you engaged with the gameplay. Control It’s a straightforward game with easy motion sensor controls. You’ve to tilt your hand in the direction you want to run. However, you’ve to balance, so keep practicing! Final Verdict We played Sonic Dash for over a couple of hours, and it was an endless gaming session. We enjoyed the gameplay as it’s full of fun. It’s a kind of game where you’ve to play and feel the real gaming thrill. So, download and start playing now!

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